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Wow! So much delicious food! I'm surprised you didn't put yourself up for adoption in Weihai!


Oh those duck pancake parcels. My mouth can't stop watering. Looks like a fabulous trip!


Ohhh my gosh take me with you next time! I want to see china so badly but I'm afraid of going over there by myself


I know there is a lot going on here, but all I can focus on is YOU ATE BUGS??


Hi Stephanie Love to read your posts, this one made smiled and laugh aloud, (my co-workers just look at me with odd faces) Yummy food specially the Seafood Spread one! All my love to you and Clarence


What a fun adventure! That is a huge spread at the hot pot!

Location Voiture casablanca

i hope to visit china too. take me with you next time hhh

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