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Great combination of kitchen tools. I need a scraper! I am forever scrubbing dough off my bench. Bec x

Mardi (eat. live. travel. write.)

We are cut from the same cloth, my friend, although I didn't know those tree saver towels (I use something far less glamorous!). Might have to invest in some for my cooking clubs!

Mardi (eat. live. travel. write.)

aaaaand - yes - ordered some of the tree saver towels! Thanks!


Totally going to check our the kitchen towels. Thanks!


Bec: The scraper is the best for that! Any recipe where you have to sprinkle the counter with flour is any annoying to clean up without one

Mardi: Yay! Hope you enjoy them! Mine took quite a while to get to me (which appears to be a common experience judging by her feedback) but they did arrive and have held up great over the years so I still highly recommend them.

Story: do! I am considering getting a second set at some point


I am obsessed with my 'baby whisk' too! I think mine came with a mini frying pan as a set and I use it for everything now.

Going to order some of those towels for Christmas


This is a great list! I love the look of those towels! I'm definitely going to try find some! My items I can't live without are my rubber spatula and my giant deep dish woll frying pan with detachable handle. I literally use it for everything! And the spatula is great for making sure you get all the icing/sauce/stew/batter etc out of the bowl. Plus it means a lot of the time I can just reuse my kmix bowl for everything in a recipe since I only have one :P

Sheila Jones

One of my favorite kitchen tools doesn't get used on a daily basis, but I would never want to lose it. This is the best opener I have ever tried. The Oxo Good Grips jar opener. I've even been known to refer to it as "the husband". Thanks for all the tips and love your blog.


I've got these measuring spoons, also from Lee Valley:

They are awesome - even the Tbsp fits into my small spice jars. Like with your measuring cups, these are constantly in our dishwasher as we use them every day.

And you can't beat good old fashioned wooden spoons. We have way too many and they all get used!


Aj: having a detachable handle sounds great! I have a plastic handle frying pan and I wish I could pop it off to put the pan in the oven

Shelia: ahhh I love those things! When I moved out on my own my mom got me a grippy rubber sheet that you use for opening jar and I used it all the time. The oxo is the luxury version of that.

Lindsay: I saw those and love them! Lee Valley catalog is a dangerous place


Lovely blog. I am new here and do not comment often. Great list. Love my mini whisk as well. Lee Valley is a wonderful place.


Great selection! I MUST have these measuring cups, they look really nice and very durable like you said. :-)


Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

I need to get myself some of those measuring cups. I have a plastic set and the measurements have rubbed off completely - so annoying. Also, I received a kitchen scale as a gift last year and it's one of my new favorite tools. But nothing beats my Kitchenaid mixer - when I bake at other people's houses and they don't have one, I really miss mine! Sometimes I'll even bring mine along...yep, I'm that girl.

2015 New Year Calendar

Great list but i love knife and forks it really help me to kill my husband while cooking :P

Barbara Sykes

Graet selection, thanks for share such a great tools :)

Mardi (eat. live. travel. write.)

Hmmm - checking in to let you know that TWO MONTHS later I have not received my towels :( Owner has not responded to numerous emails either. So sad.

Location Voiture casablanca

after reading your blog . my wife will chnage all the kitchen


My favorite tool is my Lee Valley microplane zester. Actually, it might just be my Lee Valley lid opener - it's different from the Oxo one you've mentioned. I've had mine for years - it's brilliant!

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