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Thanks for the recipe, these look delish. I think I will add them to my canning list this year.

Janice @Kitchen Heals Soul

I love bread & butter pickles, and I feel like these might be similar, but in jalapeño form, which means they must be AMAZING! I have to try this! I've had bread & butter pickles on my canning list for a while too, but haven't got around to them. So much canning, so little time ;)

Becs @ Lay the table

Oh my, only just catching up on a few posts and WOW! Getting some jalapenos on order right now!


We call them Sweet and Sassy But to keep them super crisp we soak the sliced peppers in 1 cup of powdered lime to 2 gallons of water,for 24 hours Rinse well and pack jars. Boil solution and pour over peppers and seal water bath 20 min. We add a bit of pickling spice.

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