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Diana Danger Prymack

Oh, god. These are adorable, but mostly you are adorable.


I've never thought of using a food marker to do the tiny details on decorations! That's a great idea, so much easier than trying to pipe them.


THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER! My BFF has had Shibas for almost 10 years and I'm totally going to make this for her-- to your credit. Thanks!! This is fantastic :)

Thalia @ butter and brioche

These are seriously so cute! love it!


Oh my god the cuteness!! That dog!!! haha I'm such a sucker for dogs - I love them all :)

And these came out awesome - you have impressive decorating skills!


So Awesome! Much Yum! So Thanks!


1) That puppy! oh my goodness!
2) Thank you for the transfer tutorial! I can barely draw stick figures, but my husband is great at drawing. I may draft him for a royal icing project...hahaha.

Nicole | Culinary Cool

OMG that puppy melts my heart, look at its tiny little legs!! And those brownies look killer! I love the idea of using royal icing transfers. Very clever :-)

Pamela @ Brooklyn Farm Girl

Oh my god. You rule. So much. These brownies are about the best thing ever! IM IN AWE. Let's be best friends.

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