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An entire website devoted to peanut butter?!? Where have you been all my life ;)

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

Oh, hell yes. Get in my belly!

WHERE did you find that beautiful rolling pin? I love it.

And these are definitely going on my list of amazing food to make.


Never seen this kind of muffin recipes before, looks very original and nice!...and who doesn't love PB?! ;-)
Super tasty!



Eatingfoodandstuff: The rolling pin is from Etsy, her website is:

Jules @ WolfItDown

Holy smoke!
I have yet to get around to making pull apart muffins, but these looks absolutely amazing! Love the addition of peanut butter :D x


I've never even thought of doing pull-apart muffins. They look absolutely amazing! Especially with all the peanut butter!


I'd totally want to pull these apart and devour them!


I have always wanted to make pull apart muffins!


Peanut butter pull-apart muffins??? Oh my do I need these in my life. Peanut butter and I are veryyy good friends haha :)

Edward Kaye

Those look amazing!


Hey! Do you have a copy of this recipe I could find somewhere? I can't seem to load the website, and I'm dying to make these!!

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