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Janice @Kitchen Heals Soul

I have been waiting for this post since I saw your Instagram of these ;)

Crackers are hard to make. I mean, they are easy to make, but they are tough to get right. I like that you brushed these with melted butter and sprinkled with sea salt after. Smart!


Okay these are so cool! I love making anything I can homemade but I haven't really made many crackers. And Ritz?? So fun!!


Wow these crackers look very delicious and they came out perfect! I must confess Ritz crackers are pretty ADDICTIVE! :-p



Very cool post. Try subbing vodka for some of the water as it adds moisture for pliable dough, but doesn't contribute to gluten development. It does the trick when I make saltines.


I wonder if these would work with some blend of gluten free flour? My daughter is coeliac but would love to be able to eat Ritz

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