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Mallory @ Because I Like Chocolate

All I can say is, funky rolling pin! And the shortbread doesn't look too shabby either ;) I love the idea of bringing the whole thing to the table and having people break off bits to their hearts content. It's very European to me, like how they put a loaf of bread in the middle and rip off bits as they go.

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

This divine-sounding recipe is just proof that sometimes, the most simple of ingredients can produce something incredible. I am seriously salivating looking at these photos and imagining breaking off a chunk to enjoy with my tea. I might have to take a page from your book (no pun intended) and write this recipe in my planner to ensure it gets made in short order.


this looks fab!
and i LOVE your rolling pin.

i have never heard of this cookie before, but i will def give it a whirl...after you did all the scientific research for us!
good job

su :)


Okay I have never heard of salted butter breakups before - but now ... now I feel like I need to try this out! Looks and sounds awesome!


Stephanie, I'm so glad you liked it! And thank you for conducting your experiment in the name of science with the 84% butterfat butter. I now have a block of Stirling butter patiently waiting for me to try it . . . Yum!


wow that rolling pin! can i pretty please ask where you got it from? its totally the best thing i've ever seen!


Um, so I think I need to be on the guest list for one of your dinner parties. Just sayin'.

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