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Oh my goodness.... I WANT ONE NOW! Yuuum.


Rebecca: Ha! You can have mine, I'll probably pass.

Alyse Anderson

Pinterest almost always leads me to failure!

This could be even worse than the two you tried but, maybe - just maybe - it would be good if you threw some cupcake batter (-eggs) right in there? I'm not sure if that would make the texture better or worse.


Alyse: It definitely wouldn't make it worse, the crumb/soggy bread texture was the worst worst part.

Adding the batter would still be throwing flour into the mix, but would probably be a waaay better texture. I almost wish you hadn't suggested this because now I want to get out my blender and test it out!

Janice (@KtchnHealsSoul)

This might be my all-time favourite quote from any blog post, ever: "There is SO MUCH no inside of this glass..inside of my mouth."
Hahahaha! That totally made me laugh.
I always wondered about these variations putting cakes into things like milkshakes, and at least now you have done to work to prove it's not the best idea... I suspect we should stick to eating cakes and cookies the way they are meant to be eaten. Except for cookie dough in B & J's ice cream: that one's a win!


So interesting - I've never even heard of a cupshake until now! I could see how the texture would be weird - I think I'll stick with my cakes and ice cream separate for now! lol


Janice: cookie dough in ice cream is amazing. I think even chunks of a denser cake frozen into ice cream would be good too. Just not blended completely


Ashley: So good separately.


Interesting! At least the second one looked pretty!

Mallory @ Because I Like Chocolate

I am actually somewhat glad you tried this out because now I definitely never will! Thanks for being the guinea pig ;)

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