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Nicole | Culinary Cool

The smell of bread baking is one of the most wonderful things in this world! I just took a bread making class and I'm anxious to test out my new skills. I will definitely give these a try!


Yummmmmy! This would be so nice with earl grey tea


These look like perfect rolls! You had me immediately at the name. I'm going to have to try these soon... they're just calling out to me : )


Wow Stephanie! You pretty much kick butt at making anything with yeast. I've decided that. And I wish I had one of these buns - like you said - with a little butter and good jelly. Yum.


These buns will make some wonderful ham & cheese sandwiches-- that balance of sweet and salty sounds perfect.


Nicole: If only they could bottle that baking bread smell! Hope you have a chance to give the recipe a try

Recbecca: *Everything* is better with tea

Ashley: Try them! It does make a lot of buns, but I find that they keep for a few days in a ziplock bag (plus fresh bread is never ever hard to give away to friends)

Renee: Aw, thanks Renee!

Story: That sounds amazing! I'm making ham and cheese waffles right now actually (the batter is sitting on my counter) because I loooove the savory fillings topped with sweet syrup.

Kelly Neil

Yay! I've been keeping my eyes open for this recipe. Definitely making these at some point!!

Mallory @ Because I Like Chocolate

Looks good, I can only imagine how good these smelled!

Mariana De Sousa

Pinned! Cannot wait to try these little rolls at home.

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

Wow, my salivary glands are getting a work-out just looking at these photos. These buns are beautiful. I can't wait to try them!


Amanda: Ohh so you think my buns are beautiful hey? ;)


How important is it for the milk to be whole milk, or can skim or 1% be used? Thanks!


Heather: you can use skim or 1%, but the whole milk enriches the dough and helps create the peelable layers and cloud softness. The buns will still be soft and tasty, but the dough will be leaner.


Those are some dang fine looking buns you have there ;) I love your recipes.


Made these yesterday and they turned out great! My house is cold so the dough was sluggish to rise, but they baked light and fluffy.


Love this recipe!

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