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Well! I may need to break out a whisk and make up a batch of that pudding immediately. Mine also might vanish before I ever get to the trifle stage...although it does look amazing!

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

I am definitely a fan of this sexy trifle cousin...all of the parts - the butterscotch pudding, the brownies, and the bourbon whipped cream - sound amazing on their own. I can't imagine how incredible they are when mashed together! I just want a big bowl of this trifle for Valentine's Day.


Wow - dang girl these look amazing! haha I keep wanting to try homemade pudding - and this butterscotch one sounds so good. And the bourbon whipped cream - that will definitely need to be tried immediately!


I love the layers - and that's its an individual dessert! Can you please tell me if it would be ok to use dutch process cocoa for the brownies? Thank you!


Valerie: You certainly can! Dutch cocoa only affects recipes where a chemical leavener is used (aka baking soda or baking powder) because it has much lower acidicy. These brownies have no leavener so they are safe to substitute.


Please send to my apartment immediately. Or, perhaps we can make an arrangement where I mix you cocktails and you feed me this trifle? I'm sure we can find a mutually beneficial arrangement.


oh hello! how did i miss this post?? I am a trifle freak. With an English mom, this was one dessert we saw a lot - and she made hers from scratch, 100%. But this... THIS version is pretty freaking amazing looking. I'm pretty sure I gained 10lbs looking at it. Wow.

Danielle @ TheCharmItSpot

This looks SO amazing, it's making my mouth water! I would love to make this, thanks for sharing!

Sarah & Arkadi

Pecans and bourbon - what more can you ask for? This dessert looks amazing!

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