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Thank you for this list! I've also been wanting to learn how to make more Chinese food, but didn't know where to start. Now, you've done all the hard work and I can just pick up these two books and go . . . I can hardly wait!

By the way, my favourite cookbook of 2013 was Laura Calder's Dinner Chez Moi. It's a few years old now, so I'm a little late to the party . . . but it has such great recipes. Some of our favourites are spiced red lentil stew with greens and lemon, Tiffany's saucepan brownies, saffron risotto and green beans with garlicky tomato concasse . . . oh, and the salted caramel tart with chocolate ganache on the top was to die for. (:


Stephanie: Thank you so much for sharing your favorites! I'm writing them down, always on the hunt for a new collection of recipes. Going to edit the post to ask other people to tell me what books would make their list!

Thanks again


I want to steal your Fuschia Dunlop cookbook SO BAD. Also wanted to buy her new one when I was in HK, but it weighs like, 20 lb. I don't cook from cookbooks very often, but made a few recipes from The Sprouted Kitchen and Asian Tofu last year.


Vincci: Get the book! Or buy it for B (I know he likes cooking too!)
I heard good things about sprouted kitchen, but for some reason haven't purchased it yet. Off to go re-read reviews on amazon!


Yes make Kale chips they are so delicious

I need to broaden my Chinese food horizons - Thank you!


Barb | Creative Culinary

I want them ALL! I've always loved America's Test Kitchen books and I don't have these. I'm also on a kick to learn more Indian and Asian cuisines so am grateful for some solid suggestions. Thanks!


Barb: I usually love ATK books too. I have one or two that are 'dust collectors' mainly because they are for entertaining rather than every day meals. But my other ones are used pretty often


I love the best simple recipes too - and I completely agree - they actually are easy and fast! I do usually change a few things to make some of them healthier but definitely a favorite cookbook!


Ashely: We do the same! Little tweaks to make them a bit healthier. They need a fast/healthy one. Actually.. I bet they have one that I just don't know about

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

Great list! Reading this makes me want to look through my cookbooks and make more of an effort to cook from them. They have been sadly neglected as of late!

Pamela @ Brooklyn Farm Girl

I'm pretty obsessed with cookbooks so I'm going to check these out, really love that stir fry and canning (!!) one.

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