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Mary W

Sounds to me like the first thing you should cook is some venison :)


These are good posts to do. They make you stop and think about everything. Something I haven't had time to do and that is making me feel very scattered and unfocused. I need goals.


That was a great round-up! I'm jealous that you achieved most of your goals last year.


What a year! It seems like your good far outweighed the bad. I'm glad your pup is doing better. Cheers to meeting our goals for 2014!


What a year! Here's to new goals and good things in 2014!

Sarah & Arkadi

Congrats on your accomplishments! All the best!


I second the venison comment! mmmmmm chili

Love the idea for the post! I may have to do something along the same lines.

Love setting goals, have a few big ones set for 2014!

Happy New Year!


Cook a brisket and go to Chiang Mai!


I've been following your blog for years now and as long as you post I'll be reading! I'm a Stef too, and a fellow Canuck! I'm so glad to know that you traveled to China (an experience I hope to share) and am so terribly sorry for the loss of your friend Molly. I lost my friend this year too. Some weeks in the year are so hard, but your posts offer something special that I can look forward to. Thanks, and keep them coming!

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

Sounds like a great list of goals for 2014! I'm pretty happy to say buh-bye to 2013 and start fresh, hopefully with more ups than downs ahead! I just booked a trip to Thailand in May, so I'll have to share details of must-see sights!


Mary W: Adding venison to my list! I've definitely never made that before.

Melissa: That's exactly why I like writing them, it sums up things nicely and makes it easier to plan ahead

Vincci: Not the kitchen one! And now, looking at my 'about me' page I also didn't update it

Kelly: Thanks! Definitely more good than bad.

Renee: You too!

Sarah & Arkadi: Thanks so much

Redawna: You should! Its a great way to start the year

Jarvis: Got brisket on the list! Was planning on making it last week but superstore had a super-sad selection of meat. Trying again later this month

Stef: Thank you so much for the nice comment. It made my day. Sorry that you lost a friend too, hope that the new year brings lots of happiness :)

Amanda: Exciting! Can't wait to stalk your instagram

Erika- Southern Souffle

Love this.The blogroll thing is the hardest for me to keep up with. Trying to do better in 2014. :) Happy New Year!

erin @ yummy supper

Stephanie, what a full year you had! I like your good and bad list idea - what a great way to mark the passing of time.
I hope 2014's list is as rich and varied as 2013's and that you're goals are met!


Erika- I'm already behind and it's only the first week into the year :(

Erin: Thank you so much!


Sounds like you had some really wonderful times in 2013! And I am SO glad to hear that Chloe has made a full recovery - that's all so scary (we avoid kennels too at this point). Cheers to 2014!


Ashley: Lots of good times in 2013! And we're all glad that Chloe is recovering nicely. It's too bad about the kennel because it was a really nice place outside of the city with lots of big outdoor dog runs. She enjoyed going and playing with the other dogs. Happy 2014 to you too!

A Canadian Foodie

Hilarious that it took you this long to post your January reflection. I have actually shelved my yearly food trends post. :) But, I am glad you didn't shelve this. Love the format of good, bad and goals. Great good stuff. I am a pet lover and particularly a dog lover - so my heart broke when your kitty died. Broke. I am so so so sorry - and thankful you had each other to love for so long. And my G! Your poor pooch! What a trooper, and is he ever lucky to have you as a care giver. That must be an attached at the hip relationship by now.
And the kitchen - ? Have a reno party weekend. Assign tasks to teams. Create a friendly competitive environment. Invite the press - that weekend City Tv for example - and get sponsors to award prizes to the team that does the best work in the least amount of time. Of course, you will need judges... but - make a party out of it. If I lived there, I would definitely be in for a little weekend team work. Happy 2014... and great goals!
And cheesemaking was part of the good, too... I recall... how fast we forget important triumphs!

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