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I've been waiting for this little jar to come to Canada! The next time I'm in the city I'll check the Superstores here and see if they have it in. If I like the taste of it I'll be sure to make your cookie butter shortbread bites, they look delicious!

Janice (@KtchnHealsSoul)

I haven't tried cookie butters. I'm pretty sure when I do, I'll probably eat the entire jar, and make these bars with the second jar ;)
They look amazing!


Oh my goodness.... YUM.

Stephanie @ Girl Versus Dough

I totally want to make a whole batch of this while singing Circle of Life and then eat it all.

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

Oh snap, these look mega good. Which section of Superstore did you find the cookie butter in?! I must hunt for it on my next grocery venture. I brought a jar of cookie butter back from the States a while back and rationed it! But sadly, it is gone now. :(


Amanda and Paula: I found the cookie butter in the holiday food aisle both times. Near the xmas stuff on sale and all the Valentine's day candy. Try it!

Stephanie: that is the perfect plan


they look yummy!

Bonnie Smith

I'm confused. This looks like a recipe that would serve 4 to me :)



Well I am VERY excited you found this in Canada! There is a "pirate joe's" in Vancouver that sometimes has it but it's a pain to get to. I'll have to look around for it in Save On or Safeway. yay! (cookie/bars look deelish by the way!)

Stefanie @ Sarcastic Cooking

Totally meta recipe!!! Hahaha! I'm picturing you holding up a little bite while singing Circle of Life. Amazing.


What on earth?! I'm American and I've never heard of cookie butter. Now I must see if I can find it!


Bonnie: haa! It would serve 4 perfectly. Then you'd need to roll out nap-mats for the dessert coma

Melissa: I'm going to have to check out pirate joes when I'm in vancity next

Stefanie: That is exactly what happened

Michelle: You should be able too! A popular brand in the ol U.S of A is Biscoff


Where did you get the Stirling butter? I checked out their site and they don't mention any Calgary retailers.



Chocolateandginger: They sent the butter to me from TO. I asked around and apparently you can get their regular butter at Costco. The specialty butter should be working it's way to Alberta stores soon though!


Thanks so much! I've been in search of a good European style butter in town :)

Alyse Anderson

Just so your American readers know: Trader Joe's sells an incredible Speculoos Cookie Butter that is dangerously good. I believe they sell it in creamy OR crunchy, but I'm so all about the crunchy that there's no point in even reading the other labels.


@Alyse: Thanks for the tip! Gahhh.. I want to try the crunchy kind

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