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Looks delicious! I love red pepper jelly.

Diana Danger Prymack

I want all of the things pictured in this post: apron, jelly, crackers, cheese...

Greg Urbano

I really dig this stuff and glad to see a recipe on it!

Anna (Hidden Ponies)

So glad you liked it, and what a lovely step-by-step! Can I link back to your post in mine, for people who prefer more visuals? You have a beautiful blog, so glad to have found it!


Anna: Definitely! Thanks you :)

Diana: Lets raid Rachele's house. All of those things were there.

Kelly Neil

So pretty! Love the way the light's coming through the jelly in that first shot.


I love pepper jelly, but I've never used red bell peppers so mine is always green. I love the color of this!


I will wear my Nannys apron while I make this for my husband.

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