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Mallory @ Because I Like Chocolate

Wow, sounds like you had the trip of a lifetime. I would love to go to China one day, but I would definitely miss my space and fresh mountain air.

erin @ yummy supper

So cool, Stephanie! What an amazing trip you had. I especially loved you pix of the traditional neighborhood and the crumbling great wall. I so often think of factories and modern industrial China and it was beautiful to see the old charm.

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

Looks like a great trip packed with amazing food! Welcome home!


Really good to go beyond those tourist spots at the Great Wall, cool shots!


Looks like a wonderful, exotic trip . . . I'm sure the memories will help you through the long Prairie winter!

It's also funny because I feel like we lead somewhat parallel lives -- you in Calgary, me in Edmonton. At the end of summer, we both come back from the Okanagan with lots of fruit to deal with, we have the same name, and I spent much of October in Asia (Japan)!

Ashley Naugler

I love this post!
I've been to China and reading about your fun times just brought back all those amazing moments I had while I was there. I went when I was in my first career of teaching. Now that I'm in the pastry world I would love to venture back and see things from a whole new point of view, food wise.

Thanks for sharing!


Stephanie: That is quite the set of coincidences! Maybe we are following some sort of life path set out for Stephanies who are food bloggers...

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