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Ari @ Ari's Menu

This has got to be the most beautiful granola I have ever seen! Seriously, the photos are stunning, and it looks totally addicting!

Mallory @ Because I Like Chocolate

I love granola clusters like this that you can just eat by hand. So great for munching…maybe too great!


I love homemade granola, just made some last weekend... Once that finishes, I'm making this!

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

You are like a wise granola guru - thank you for sharing these tips! Clumpy granola is my absolute favorite. Can't wait to give these tricks a try.


Wow, I had never heard the trick with the egg whites, I always figured that since I didn't want to add tons of sugar I was stuck with loose granola- now I'm all excited to go try it!


I really love home made granola! Glad that I have found this blog :) Thanks for sharing :)

erin @ yummy supper

Stephanie, I LOVE homemade granola and I think it makes such a great gift too.
I haven't tried the egg white addition, but I've heard it's great.
Wishing you and your family happy holidays,

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