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Love baked apples! But adding cream cheese? That's genius! Yum :)

Ari @ Ari's Menu

Whooaaaa, these babies are totally calling my name.

Stephanie @ Girl Versus Dough

Um so these look and sound like just about the most amazing thing, ever. Cheesecake stuffed apples, areyoukiddingme? I want them all.

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

Yum - what a great idea! I like the cream cheese/cinnamon combo. And that line "the best place to hide ugly foods is in your stomach" = best ever!


That looks just SO yummy! I must try this soon. Did you use your own cream cheese? ^^

I reckon the reason they look so... rustic :D is that their colour has changed from a very crisp green to yellow... ish... Something darker in colour may look better once cooked.

(Or it could look the same but brown... ish... which admittedly might be worse. XD)


Never before have I had cream cheese in an apples. Genius!


These look AMAZING! And pretty healthy, too! If you are looking for a food related giggle while they bake, check out Best laugh I've had all week.


I'm going to try this simple yet delicious looking dessert!

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