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Mallory @ Because I Like Chocolate

Lemon meringue pie in 2 bites, love this idea! Also, any recipe that comes from Crave must be good!


This look delicious!

Sarah | The Sugar Hit

These look totally gorgeous! Your blog is not called clockwork LEMON for nothing. You got a way with citrus.


The cookies sound wonderful, but half the lemon curd recipe is cut off. :o( The only complete steps I can see are 5 and 6.


haha I definitely agree - making things mini-size does increase their appeal! I love thumbprint cookies - and I really like that these are a little different with the lemon curd! I love the way it looks with the little dollop of whipped cream on top too.


These look delicious! Such a great idea to use lemon curd for these!

Kelly Neil

Ohmigodilovelemonsomuch. I think I am obsessed.


Your photos are starting to rival the baking. You have a sharp eye to notice how photogenic that accidental arrangement of eggs and lemons was!


Damn, girl. How in the world are we not neighbours? Send some along with our pal Dan this weekend!


Lemon curd is one of the best things ever. It makes all sweet things better. Mmmmmm


great idea!


Awesome recipe.
I love anything lemon. Here is another Lemon Curd Recipe you might like to try!
Thanks For sharing.

Shirlie Moore

On the cookie recipe: 1/2 icing sugar l/2 of a cup? A box? A half a pound? I agree with everyone…they look wonderful! But nobody said they made them, so I can't catch a definite measurement in the comments:-) I plan to make them for a baby shower day after tomorrow! THANKS!


Shirlie: Added the missing word! (It was 'cup')

Shirlie Moore

Thank you, thank you! That isn't very much sugar…which is a good thing…Making them tomorrow:-)

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