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Colour me impressed. I'm tired just looking at all those gorgeous cans of jam.


You are my hero right now! I just got back from the Okanagan with not NEARLY as much fruit as you and I am sitting here going... hmmmm... what to do what to do?! I'm not a peach jam person though so jam is out. But I'm thinking I will freeze what I have left (cherries and peaches) and use them during the winter. Amazing job you all did!

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

Girlfriend, you are my hero. I am so freaking impressed right now. For reals. I wouldn't even know where to begin with canning and making jam. Not a freaking clue.
PS. That apricot vanilla bean jam sounds incredible.

Ondina Maria

Lovely color jams. I feel truly inspired to go out and buy a giganormic amount of fruit :)


My parents are in the Okanagan this week and I can't help thinking that they will come home with a huge load of fruit as well. Thanks to you, I'm thinking to texting them to tell them to remember the apricots.


This is incredible! I've recently canned about that much as well, but it was spread over a month's time and also included pickles, which I find much easier. Congratulations!

Stefanie @ Sarcastic Cooking

Wow! You were busy! I love the sound of all of these combos! I recently made a plum ginger combo that I cannot get enough of! Looks like I need to get canning. I want to make some of those brandied cherries ASAP! So beautiful!

gabriola dweller

in canning there is nothing like the sound of those lids popping and the sight of it all lined up on the counter with the sun shining through it. a lovely sight and feeling.


Melissa: We froze a lot of fruit too to bake with later or just use in smoothies. I also secretly just eat the frozen cherries straight from the bag

Abby: GET THE APRICOTS! Peaches are more delicious for eating as is (in my opinion) but the slight tartness around the skin of apricots make them a bright tasting jam

Stefanie: the brandied cherries are in the Canning for a New Generation book. Her recipes are awesome!

Gabriola: I completely agree. Love hearing those lids pop


Wow, I'm truly impressed with

1. That you actually bought all that fruit and
2. That you made all this fabulous jam before having to leave to go to your sisters!

I hope you bought her a few jars of your kitchen labours :)

Pamela @ Brooklyn Farm Girl

First, I am jealous and I want all your jam! You should open a shop, or just share with me! Everything is so pretty!

Second, funny you brought up about using the phone to call people. The "call" function is the one button I can never find on my phone because I hardly ever use it!


Paula: We brought my sister a couple of jars of jam! Its funny though, the more jam I made, the more I felt like hoarding it all to myself. Even though I'd never be able to eat that much jam ..ever.

Pamela: I always forget where that button is! and if my phone rings with someone calling me I always think its just a timer going off because I use my phone as my alarm clock and baking timer


YUM! That jam looks so amazing. You have such an amazing family! My parents would never do something like that with me.


Holy crap, are you selling this stuff? I pay top $$. I'm sure your BF commented in how much gas it took to get 200 lb of fruit through the mountains. Time to recoup some of that cost.


Oh my gosh, 200 pounds of fruit!! haha I would have had a panic attack if I had to deal with all that! Although all that jam looks absolutely incredible ... and I now know who to call if I ever buy too much : )


Jarvis: Ha, I'll get him to drop off a jar with you guys. He has concluded that jam making is not necessarily cost effective

Ashley: I think the trick is to pretend that its not that much fruit by hiding half of it in the basement and only bringing it up when you're done dealing with the first half

erin @ yummy supper

Awesome! Stepanie, 200 pounds of fruit?!? That is impressive. And now you've got all that wonderful jam... maybe you need to start a little cottage biz;)


Well, my parents came home, and apparently the apricot season was over. Lucky you for getting any at all. Instead, they came home with peaches and loads of tomatoes.


Erin: I only WISH that I could send all day making pretty jam as my living.

Abby: Tomatoes are a good score! I couldn't find a good deal on any when I was there

Quate Boston

Thank you for the book recommendation!

I truly love canning, but following the routine recipe doesn't always produce the most inspiring foods... I want to read up on how to experiment and not feel totally stressed about all my produce and hard work rotting away!

Kelly Neil

I absolutely adore all of the beautiful colours! And the variety! I'm so jelly. (get it? I'm jelly. LOLZ)

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