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Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

Beautiful! I have a tart pan that I simply have not used enough and I'm thinking I need to change that as soon as humanly possible. Especially while I can still get my paws on some beautiful berries. The mascarpone drizzle just sends this tart over the top!
PS. I like your eating style. Plates and forks are for snobs. ;)


Amanda: exactly! Fancy plates and pretty cutlery are strictly for photographs ;)


I'm a big butter believer (why do people use margarine, WHY?) but I didn't realize I could get a higher fat version. Sterling, I will have to track you down. Thank you for the persuasive introduction.


Stephanie: You really need to try it, it reminds me of when I was visiting paris and kept saying "this butter tastes really really good" everytime they brought bread and butter to the table

Sarah | The Sugar Hit

This looks delicious. Butter is my world.


Sarah: Butter world is the perfect kind of world

Pamela @ Brooklyn Farm Girl

The words buttery and crisp go together so well! I love berries of all kinds and this tart has my favorites.. going to the store tomorrow for berries! YUM!


Pamela: I'm forcing myself to finish what is in the fridge before I'll allowed to go and buy more


haha I love that you eat a piece while doing the dishes. I may also do that sometimes : ) This tart sounds amazing - especially that shortbread crust.


Ashley: Multitasking! I like to apply it even to my desserts

A Canadian Foodie

OMG! Call my name and I am Commmminnnnng!


This is a lovely summer dessert, and I must agree...I'm all about the shortbread! Thank you so much for sharing!


Oh wow, this looks incredible. Love the combination of berries.


Just luscious! What a fantastic recipe to enjoy all the magnificent late summer fruit! Sweet seasonal fruit paired with butter and mascarpone are just divine!


Oh girl, the mascarpone just does me in! This looks absolutely incredible!


Valerie: If only I could mail the tart to you!

Deb: Butter, fruit, and creamy toppings were meant to be together

ArisMenu: I'm a sucker for creamy toppings. The tart is quite tasty on its own, but I can't help myself

Susan: I'm so sad that berry season will be ending soon, trying to get my fix


Ooooh, I love that recipe, it looks delicious. I can't wait to try that butter! Great pictures.

I miss Calgary!

Nicole @ Culinary Cool

I really love the idea of a shortbread crust. There's just something about a good, buttery, crispy crust, that's basically a cookie!!
Dessert math is pretty much the only math I care about!

Todd @ HonestlyYUM

Shortbread AND said the magic words :P


What an amazing looking tart. Shortbread crusts are the best--thank you for reminding me. I will be attempting one soon.


This is on my to-do list this weekend! How much mascarpone/vanilla/sugar for the topping? I don't see it in the ingredients list... thank you!!


Veronica: Thanks for catching that! I've added the ingredient list for the topping. I've made it using whole milk and even skim milk in place of the TBSP of whipping cream before and it's still very tasty.

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