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The only solution is to bake MOAR FUDGE! I volunteer for taste testing purposes until you find the perfect one.


Maybe because I'm not a sweets person, but neither of those looked appealing to me at all.


Sarah: I'm tempted to keep trying! But I suspect that place that sell truly tasty cake batter fudge actually make a proper vanilla fudge and add cake batter flavored oil.

Vincci: This is totally not a Vincci dessert!


I think you should do more show-downs of more desserts!


I am guilty of wanting cake batter flavored everything. Totally going to give that second fudge recipe a try


Renee : I think I will! Pretending it's a showdown makes recipe testing so much more fun

Laurie: the second one is worth making, but it just doesn't seem like a fudge. I saw one recipe describe it as 'cake batter melties" which I think is the perfect name for it


Have you seen the site This totally made me think of that! But I totally loved your showdown!


I love anything cake batter...the sprinkles always get me! I've tried the fudge made with cake mix before, and while I didn't mind it, I thought it tasted more like canned frosting than fudge. Great idea for a recipe showdown though, they both look amazing regardless of taste!

Mary at n00bcakes

Oh my gosh, this is *adorable*. I've been seeing more and more recipe with funfetti colors in them, and each time I say to myself "I really need to make something with colorful sprinkles." Thanks for the recipe comparison, mmmm fudge!


try vanilla nut and butter extract. i don't know if they have a "real" version but i have the imitation and it is pretty much cake batter in extract form. i've used it for cake batter puppy chow.

Becs @ Lay the table

Fudge 2 does look like brie! Those really bright sprinkles are hard to get over here so am coveting my jar and using them sparingly! I am so down with the whole Pinterest organising my life. Mr LTT told me off because I was running round the supermarket looking for tumble dryer sheets because Pinterest told me it would stop dust sticking to the skirting boards!

Pamela @ Brooklyn Farm Girl

Life can't get happier than cake batter fudge. I will take any of it!


Seriously, it's like you're inside my head.. I so totally almost held a cake batter fudge battle today.. Even ran out and bought some sweetened condensed milk specifically for this purpose.. But I ran out of time, and since I needed an insanely quick dessert for my family reunion (No joke, I had less than 30 minutes. I'm a total procrastinator), I decided to throw caution to the wind and just sort of meld the 2 recipes together. I was afraid the box mix kind wouldn't be fudgey enough; and that the other kind might not taste cakey enough. So I made a double batch of the box mix kind (with 2 1/4 cups of cake mix instead of just 2), then i melted about a cup(-ish) of white chocolate chips and added it to the mixture. I didn't add sprinkles to the fudge, just a layer on top.. oh and I somehow didn't realize that I only had a tiny bit of milk left in the fridge so I improvised by using 1/8 cup milk and 1/8 cup heavy cream.. I put the pan in the freezer to set(bout 20 min) and it came out pretty solid, and stayed that way long enough to make it to the park and dish it out.. Anyway, I thought it tasted divine! And as long as you serve it fairly quickly, it has a nice texture.. definitely not like 'real' fudge but close enough.. After it sat a while it got kinda soft but still held it shape and wasn't really melty. When I got home I found a recipe that was almost the same as what I did, except it said to just fold in the white chips instead of melting them, so, not sure if that would've been better or not.. This is definitely a dish that I will keep experimenting with, since it's so quick, easy, and yummy! Hope this helps someone and that my very long comment didn't annoy anyone to death!!


Kaylee: Thanks for your comment! I'm loving getting so many tips on how to improve this cake batter fudge. I was going to throw in the towel but now I want to try a hybrid recipe like yours!

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