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Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

Oh boy, you had me at goat cheese. (I also snorted at "oooh, that's really goaty"). In any case, these look like the perfect summer dessert. I haven't even got my paws on any cherries yet this year, so I'd better kick that plan into high gear.


I love those little tart molds, where did you get them? they are too cute!

A Canadian Foodie

PH, My! "Tis the season and you can make your own cheese, too! Gorgeous!


So pretty! So summery! Goat cheese and fruit is one of my favourite combos, I'm already plotting in my brain how I can make these GF at work. Thanks lady!

Sarah | The Sugar Hit

Cherries and goats cheese go wonderfully together, pitting them is definitely the way to go. Sounds lovely!

Mary at n00bcakes

Oh I LOVE this recipe! I'm always looking for desserts like this, ones that are beautiful and delicious, but still easy to whip together; it's the best way to make friends and influence people, right? :D

Plus I love goat cheese. Man I can't wait to try this one out. :)


Goaty has just entered my vocabulary as an adjective of choice.


Yup, definitely worth the little extra effort to pit the cherries. So precious and adorable! I like the goat cheese mousse idea. A little unexpected compare to pastry cream.

erin @ yummy supper

Stephanie, how brilliant to use goat cheese instead of custard. I always love a good berry tart and I bet the goat cheese adds a good creamy tang - plus with the added protein of the cheese, we could call this a good-for-you dessert, right;)
Hope all is well with you!


Those look gorgeous! I love your blog, you have the most beautiful pictures. Can't wait to read more. :)

Magdalene Mwangi

Nice one , thanks for sharing

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