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Well done Stephanie. Stinkers can be a bit intimidating at first, but once you start making them you can't stop. For the most part, washed rind cheeses are on the mild side of flavour but quite complex.


Yay, this looks so nice! I like that your surface looks a little craggy. Some of the beer flavours might actually make it through.

All the best and cheers ;-)

A Canadian Foodie

Good for you! Your curds look gorgeous. I must admit, I am very disappointed in the number of errors that are in this book! It is filled with them...

Irene Deem

I made this cheese (from the Mary Karlin book) and it is now in it's fourth week of aging and finally beginning to get soft. The taste right now is horrible, it tastes like soap. But the texture is getting nice...the rind is lovely, it's more successful as an art piece than food right now...but I am hoping it's just in an awkward stage and the flavor will improve...Thanks for your post. I also had the same experience, ie. no slab and did not cut up as it was in pieces.

Irene Deem

Hi thanks so much for posting this. I made this cheese recently and also had the problem that the curds did not form a slab. I also ground my dried sweet orange peel in my spice blender so my cheese looked slightly different. My rind had cosmetic problems due to "slipping" I think caused by too much moisture in the cheese.

One of the things the Beverage People here in Santa Rosa, CA, told me was to add a tbls. of powdered milk per gallon of milk to increase protein and help curd formation. Due to drought conditions there is a problem with milk locally.

At week 6 I tasted the cheese and it was horribly bitter. I have read this in other blogs. I consulted the Beverage People and they said to be patient. At week 7 the paste improved by getting softer, and the flavor is improving, though till bitter. But they said cheeses can do this during aging.

I have posted some photos on the link below. Thanks again for posting it's very helpful. I may try this one again.

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