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Good lord girl. Those tarts! That pie! Those blondies! If you ever can't stop eating something else, just put it on the bus to Saskatoon.

Natalie @ Once Upon a Cutting Board

Each of these looks so fantastic and right up my alley! I usually go for salty snacks too but I would happily eat seconds of any of these!

Mary at n00bcakes

Oh, the lies we tell ourselves to take just one more taste of our baking! "Well before I tried it straight out of the I should really try now that it's cooled."

Love these fabulous-looking treats...they all look right up my alley!

A Canadian Foodie

YOu got me on the first one... that would be my downfall. Gorgeous quiet photos that speak volumes!
(did you see my post on the conference?)


Those cheesecakes look amazing! Now I know what to do with all the lemons lying around our house. :)

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

I really really want to make those cheesecakes, but I'm also incredibly fearful (for my waistline) of eating them all. Lemon curd is my first love!

Angela Watts

I've taken to not tasting anything before I pack it up to share at work. That way I feel pressured to only take one so there is enough for everyone. Works well with the finished product at least. But I have a definite weakness for lemon curd. I use a microwave recipe that takes less than 5min to make, so its easy to whip up a jar and eat it without thinking. Nutella cream or vanilla cream would be tempting as well.


Just finished our dinner, yet still feel like 'snacking' on one, or two, or ... of these cheese cakes : ).


For once, I feel lucky that I don't (don't know how to) bake. Else, I will be eating cakes, and desserts non-stop! :P


holy moses, i need those cheesecakes. Anything that involves lemon curd - I'm a sucker for it. That blondie recipe looks pretty awesome too...


I made the brown butter blondies for mother's day. Its a keeper recipe. Everyone loved them. I used 3/4 cup brown sugar, instead of 1 cup. I find blondies are usually overly sweet. They came out perfectly and didn't suffer from a little less sugar. Thanks, I'm so glad I found this recipe!

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