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Looks good. I like your comment "let the milk ripen to wake up those cold and sleepy bacteria so that they can transform the milk into cheese!"

Mary at n00bcakes

I love reading these cheesy posts! Every time I read one I think to myself "I could totally do this!" but I think by now I've resigned myself to simply watching you do it. You make it look easy! :D

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

Cheese-making sounds like such a fun and interesting process. And it's so cool that you and your mom are on this adventure together. It all sounds a bit complicated, but in a fun and challenging way. Can't wait for more updates on your gruyere!


I love this series. I've been meaning to make my own cheese - beyond mozzarella and ricotta. Can't believe you're making your own gruyere!


Wow! I would love to make my own cheese at home..but you know, never got the time to do it at least once..


What a great post, I've never thought about making my own cheese but love trying new things and experimenting in the kitchen so may just give this a try. Fab!

Antonia Murphy

So how did it turn out???

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