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Dessert By Candy

I was close to buying boxes of them from Marks & Spencer so many times but resisted. Golden syrup has such a distinctive taste that I would hate to replace it with corn syrup. Love the decadent topping of your version to make sure there's no mistaking the bars as healthy bites. ;)

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

Oats, butter, chocolate...SOLD! Healthy or not, I would easily toss a couple of these back. That peanut butter and chocolate swirl on top is seriously calling to me.

Becs @ Lay the table

Our flapjacks are the best ;) But OH SO BAD!

Mary at n00bcakes

I gotta say - seeing the title "Flapjacks" and then the picture "clearly-not-good-for-you-candy-bars" did have me immediately confused. What's with this nonsense? Flapjacks aren't pancakes, but pancakes are actually crepes? IT'S LIKE THEY HAVE A DIFFERENT WORD FOR EVERYTHING!

...Anyway, these look divine! I will add these to my "must make" pile. :) Thanks for going through 5 batches to perfect this for us!


This looks mouthwatering!!! Delicious!!
You have a lovely blog!


They look amazing! So mouthwatering:)


these sound delicious. i'm always looking for ways to use golden syrup because we don't use it here in the US.


NOOOOOO - peanut butter chips - where can I get some in London (UK)?

Ha ha flapjacks are not really very healthy especially shop bought ones which are way too sweet.


YUM!! I love British flapjacks - and I love what you put on top here! I also adore Lyle's Golden Syrup.. but Rogers' Golden Syrup is far easier to find around here. And almost as tasty!


I don't even know where to start.


Left in their *natural* state these must be wonderful but I also love the added chocolate and peanut butter chips topping you put on these!

Lisa @ Whisk & Cleaver

These would be great for my gluten-free belly - I've had good luck finding truly GF oats (i.e., not processed on wheat facilities). If I drizzle enough chocolate I could get my picky eater to eat these, too.

Rosie @ Blueberry Kitchen

Your flapjacks look perfect and I love the idea of the chocolate and peanut butter topping!


Mmmm...I'm so hopeful...:) I've had them when we lived in Paris from Marks and Spencer and haven't been able to find the recipe that will recreate that slightly chewy sweetness....

I loved your description of the process...:)


Golden syrup is quite easy to make with sugar, boiling water and a lemon... please please don't use corn syrup!!! we may be tricky with our words pancakes and flapjacks but we do bake 'em good.

Joanna Dawn Smith

I just made this recipe, the flapjacks are cooling on the rack. I could not believe how easy it was to make, it took me about 15 minutes. I found the Golden Syrup at our local supermarket here in the USA, I was thrilled! Based on all your brilliant comments, I did not want to use Corn Syrup. I am planning to cut them up and serve them plain, let's try the healthier version first. Then once I know I have mastered them plain, I will try the chocolate with peanut, perhaps chocolate with coconut, and maybe some lemon zest and lemon curd!! Thank you so much for posting such a lovely recipe that is easy to make.

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