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mmmm planning and checklists are one of my biggest time sucks but it's so. freaking. satisfying.

Rosemary Hanson

Myself, I am just a casual user of planners, but I love that you wrote about it with such passion! Congrats on the plannerism post.

Melissa@eyes bigger

Loved the post! You're a girl after my own heart :)

Angela Watts

A girl after my own heart...I can't give up my paper planner...I've tried but I always end up buying one no matter how long I hold out. Even with a boring retail job I track my hours and any major job related happenings such as reviews, vacations, odd shifts, etc. I tend to buy a different brand and type each year though as they keep discontinuing the ones I fall in love with. Will have to look into these ones though.

Stefanie @ Sarcastic Cooking

Seriously... As this came into my inbox I was just talking about how I need a new blog organizer. Heading over to check this out!

A Canadian Foodie

I used to be tied to my planner with an idiot string... but since the iphone, ipad and my mac book - everything I do is online. EVERYTHING. I am now tied to my techno gear with an idiot string... waiting for the implant into my brain.


It looks so organized, meaning the execution is also well-disciplined, isn't it!


You are such a meticulous planner as I can see. For me, I just scribble on pieces of paper :P

Amy B

Nice list! Thanks for the inspiration. I could really use something similar. I love that I looked at the second image and knew exactly what those numbers are in the notes section :)


Nice! This is such a good idea - you've inspired me to buy a notebook!


Onde comprar?

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