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Dessert By Candy

So glad you had a chance to learn how it's made! Homemade is much better just as you suspected: no skimping! The first time I made it, I was skeptical of the thin batter but it steamed to a nice firm texture like magic. Hope you'll have plenty more turnip cakes in your future!

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

Somehow, I've never been out for dim sum. Imagine my surprise when I opened up this post and saw the word "cake" followed by chinese sausage and pork belly. I know, I live a very sheltered life. This post has me intrigued!


Yay! I'm so glad you enjoyed the turnip cake! My family thought the texture was a little off because of the green bean starch, so next time I will definitely go back to wheat!


I want mooooore!! Mail me some please.

Becs @ Lay the table

What the hell are those crazy turnips?! I've never seen those before...and I've seen a lot of turnips, my dad used to grow them!

I love dim sum too but never seen these cakes. Definitely going to try them if they're on the menu next time I go!


Dim sum is my absolute favorite thing, hands down. For Chinese New Year this year, we made a very similar recipe, but with some frozen taro cubes that I'd been puzzling over for a while.

I should have let ours cook much longer in the steamer (I used a big canning pot with the metal insert)... but other than that, it came out fantastic:)


Whenever possible I will have turnip cake homemade too, and I like pan fried turnip cakes, less oily like this.


Wow! This looks so yummy! I will have to try this. :)


These look delicious! I love Asian food.


Lau Bak Ko is my favorite dim-sum dish! Coincidentally I made pan-fried turnip cake (for the 1st time) just over the weekend. I switched up a number of ingredients and some steps though.

cooking rookie

I have tried making a turnip cake like this 3 times, and it's been a disaster each and every time. I call it Carrot cake, because this is what it's called in Singapore and this is where I learned about it. It's totally delicious, but all my trials came out mushy, nothing like a cake. On the second trial I had to bake it to make it solidify. On the third trial even baking for hours did not help. I even froze it and sliced it and baking hoping to make something like turnip cake biscotti, but it still did not work. Ohhh, my frustration!
You cake looks so beautiful and perfect. And now I read through the ingredients and see that none of the recipes I followed asked for starch. I feel terribly wrong and cheated :-). I still have some turnip cake mash from my last attempt as a bitter reminder of my successes, so I don't think I will be giving it another trial again soon, but if I do I will add some starch. I am bookmarking this page for future record :-).
By the way, I really enjoyed reading the post, and I am totally on the same page with you, I am also tasting all the ingredients when cooking :-). Maybe I should try cooking more with strangers, would be good for my diet!
I am heading over to your other posts, I think it might be my first time on your blog, I am curious to see what else is there. Thanks!


This is one of my favorite foods while growing up, it is so delicious. My mom makes it without the shrimp and adds cilantro on top after she fries it. :)

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