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These look great! I really needed to have had a snack like this in my bag this afternoon... Just wondering how long they keep well for?

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

I wholeheartedly share your frustration. I stopped buying store-bought granola bars and cookies long ago and do not intend on turning back. These sound really delicious and I love that they provide a new way to use up old bananas! I almost always have over-ripe bananas in need of using - in fact, I could probably whip up a batch of these tonight! I wonder if almond butter would work well in place of the peanut butter?


Sahar: I've had them kicking around for a over a week before and they were still good. We just tightly wrap them in plastic wrap and store at room temp. Normally they don't last a whole week before they get eaten!

Amanada: any nut-butter should work!


These bars sound so good! And I do indeed have several black bananas hanging out somewhere in the depths of my freezer... :)


Wow, these look divine, whatever you call them!

Kelly Neil


Jan @ Family Bites

This is awesome! I have 9 bananas sitting on my counter and I've been wondering what to make besides the obvious - banana bread. I'm printing the recipe now to make them for breakfast tomorrow morning.

Stefanie @ Sarcastic Cooking

I love it. I also hate the healthy misconception most store-bought granola bars have. I can't wait to make these, they sound just perfect!

erin @ yummy supper

Stephanie, these are so up my alley! I agree with you and your annoyance with all the misleading "healthy" snack food at the grocery store.
On the other hand, your bars are packed with all sorts of goodness and they look like a treat at the same time - perfect! And they're gluten-free, which works for me. Very happy over here!



I am always hunting for recipes that use up ripe bananas. A great recipe! Healthy and I can use up those bananas!


These look great and a much healthier snack for sure.

Natalie @ Once Upon a Cutting Board

One of my biggest pet peeves is when bloggers call their recipe healthy and advertise it on foodgawker as being super healthy, then you go to it and it's still full of sugar and butter but maybe has one healthy little thing thrown in. Nothing wrong with those recipes but they are falsely advertised! So I get your pet peeves too! These bars look delicious though and I think their name is just perfect :)

Vicki E @ Watching What I Eat

Hi Stephanie ~
These sound like a really tasty spin on my breakfast cookies. Glad you were inspired to take them in a new direction. I'll have to give them a try. :)

I actually do like the name 'breakfast cookie' for my b/c recipes. I think the name appeals to a lot of people and gets them to try a recipe that is full of 'breakfast-y' ingredients. That's why I was attracted to them way back when. Who doesn't think it's fun to be eating a 'cookie' at breakfast? Kids REALLY think that is cool. Since I've got a kid, it works for me. :)

Thanks for linking back to my blog to show where you got some of your inspiration from.

Vicki E @ Watching What I Eat

Becs @ Lay the table

They sound amazing Steph but if I put them in my drawer at work they will all be gone on day 1!


these have all my favorite ingredients, yum!


I will do this, making the following changes, using what I have on hand. Pecans for cashews, pumpkin seeds for walnuts, adding 1/2 C chocolate chips. If this does not taste sweet enough, I may add some stevia.


Mine are in the oven right now!

Mom of Six

This recipe looks great. I'm definately going to make some. I have also been looking for yummy ways to use up ripe bananas. I'm also looking for a truthfully healthy oatmeal lemon bar recipe. Do you have any or know of a site I can find one? There is a site I go to often to get healthy

Blessings, Mom of six

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