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I would have been so impatient! I'm having great fun reading about your cheese-making adventure.

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

Oh goodness, that grilled cheese sandwich looks like perfection. Nicely done!


Well done. Cheddar is definitely worth waiting for. Yours looks great. I have a cheddar that is almost a year old that I am dying to crack into.


your cheese, when sliced, looks pretty darn good!! Glad to know it melted. I don't think I tried that with mine. Yumm!


Congrats on your cheddar. It looks marvelous! And that grilled cheese...oh man.

Becs @ Lay the table

Really glad to see it has turned out well - I would have been way more impatient like when I was a kid and had a flower press! I am currently trying to locate unhomogenised milk which is proving difficult. All I want to do is make some mozzarella!

Mary at n00bcakes

How fabulous! I've been really liking your series on cheeses; they've been encouraging me to take a stab at them myself. :D Congratulations on this awesome first try at cheddar; it's super impressive!

Also, stop harassing your cheese! XD

erin @ yummy supper

Stephanie, You are becoming a serious cheese master over there! I'm impressed that you are able to wait at all. I think I'd be a cheese harasser too.


This is awesome. I really find cheddar really healthy. Thank you for sharing this :)


This cheese-making adventure is very interesting. I am not sure I can wait all that long. I am the type to peep and peep and peep again and probably eat it prematurely. I enjoyed browsing through you site!

Isabelle @ Crumb

I like to think I'm pretty good about making as much from scratch as I can, but cheesemaking? That's HARDCORE!
I bow down to your ability to wait a whole freakin' month before slicing into the cheese, mostly because I know I definitely wouldn't have the patience. Then again, that gorgeous grilled cheese looks like it was totally worth the wait. :)

Kelly Neil

I wish I had some of this cheese RIGHT NOW. I bet it would be wonderful with some homemade herb and sea salt crackers. Droooooooool...

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