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I can personally testify that these are the most delicious cinnamon buns I have ever had the pleasure to eat.


I'm grateful that you did all this research for us and that you are now sharing this fabulous recipe. Thank you!

BTW, congrats on the Globe and Mail column.


Brilliant - what useful research! Here's another tip: try cutting the dough logs with dental floss, slid underneath and then pulled across com each end - makes a clean cut without flattening at all! Can't wit to try the chai flavour combo!

Becs @ Lay the table

Oh my gosh these look INCREDIBLE. You really wrote a lot of notes. Thanks for eating 3 weeks of cinnamon buns for the cause :P

Mary at n00bcakes

These are great tips! After a handful of Daring Baker challenges I've lost my fear of yeast, but clearly making cinnamon buns is an art in and of itself, yeast aside! I can't wait to give your tips'n'tricks a try. ^_^


Wow incredible pics and tips! Now I just need to convince my wife to make some for me. :D


I'm making these tomorrow! Printed off the recipe from the G&M webiste and can't wait to give them a try. Thanks for all the tips.

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

These are amazing tips, Stephanie. I am totally intrigued by the chai aspect of these cinnamon buns. Next time I have a little extra weekend time on my hands, I'm giving this recipe a go! PS. How on earth do you stay so skinny baking cinnamon buns for 3 weeks straight?!


Amanda: I think being tall creates an illusion. More places to hide all the chai cinnamon buns!


Oh my YUM. Let me tell you what would undo a barre class REAL fast--these!!! (I found you from your visit to my Pure Barre post.) ;)

Gorgeous blog! Love the pictures, etc. I just followed you on Pinterest.


Yum, these look so good. Thank you for posting this in such detail and for all your great research/note-taking. I will definitely be trying these.

Alaiyo Kiasi-Barnes

I can resist all manner of cakes, cookies, doughnuts, and muffins. But it's something about a cinnamon roll that makes me temporarily abandon my usually strict diet. I discovered your blog when it was featured by on Saveur's "Blogs We Love" page, and I've been popping by every week ever since. I decided this time to leave a comment to say that I am determined to make the cinnamon buns and eat them all! Love your blog!


Thank you so much for these tips! I made a batch of these yesterday, baked half of them and stuck the rest in the freezer. The dough was sticking while I was mixing it, but it made the softest buns ever. They are still fresh tasting this morning. Saving the ones in the freezer for a weekend breakfast. Love the Chai butter.


I could wake up to a batch of these cinnamon buns. I love the chai butter!


I have not had cinnamon buns for too long. And I am dream of the aroma while batches and batches are baking :)

Melissa@eyes bigger

How did I miss this post? So glad I found it hidden away in my reader. I would like to #eatallthecinnamonbunsplease. I've always been scared of yeast but your tips are so great I'm almost convinced...


Made these. baked them. Ate them in one afternoon (a couple of people helped me). Ah-MAZING

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