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Alyssa (Everyday Maven)

Wow, what a year! I hope you get to stay put for at least 2 years, don't break anything, lose anymore music or photos and make some damn good Chinese Food this year!

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

There's a Canadian Food Blogger conference? Whhaaat?
PS. Great recap and great goals. You've inspired me to write down a few goals for the coming year too!


Great post! So excited for everything you'll be up to this year - I will following along as usual1 xoxo

P.S. I still have your pretty plate at my place. Food date soon?


Time management is super big on my list for this year too. Love your list of goals and can't wait to meet you in April at FBC2013!

A Canadian Foodie

IS China on the list for this year? That is more like a 2 or three year goal. Huge. Good for you. The good was really really good, Stephanie! Aren't you amazed at how much you accomplished in one year. The bad was worse than I imagined. Flooded. That is terrible. Glad it is over. Understand the low motivation regarding the cupboards. Might barter a trade with a guy or gal - they do your cupboards and you provide freezer meals of equal value. There is always a way!
So happy to have met you! I want to go to the conference, too! Hope it is in the cards. It is on my calendar. Parental health dependent.
Great recap!


I'm most likely going to Hong Kong this year - we should go together! Also, I'm totally planning on making turnip cakes with you for Chinese New Year. (Mark your calendars! It's on Feb 10 this year and I'm thinking the weekend prior... Your place or mine?)


Wow, what a year you had! Love your positive spirit and loved reading your wrap-up. ...Susan


Amanda: Check out the link for the Canadian conference. It looks like its going to be a really great time.

Kait: Yes food date! I'm thinking oysters soon!

Melissa: Looking forward to meeting you too. Bring your favorite notepad and pens so that we can nerd out over stationary

Valerie: Yes! China is on the list. We wanted to go last year but with all the moves and set-backs it just wasn't possible. We are hoping on booking the flight tickets this month. My boyfriend has family there so our time will be split with touring and visiting.

Vincci: When are you going? And I am marking my calendar for sure! Whose house depends on what state of repair my kitchen is in.. I suspect that it might need to be your place


What an amazing year (even with the bad bits--that collarbone, ouch!). I have no doubt 2013 will be filled with bigger and better things for you. Can't wait to meet you at FBC!

Dessert By Candy

Happy New Year and what an inspiring recap! You certainly accomplished plenty last year. I look forward to your G&M column every week. I hope 2013 will see many of your goals realize!


Quite a re-cap of a very busy and eventful year! Best wishes to you in reaching all your goals in 2013 and much continued success with Clockwork Lemon throughout the coming year.

Julia Marks

What a beautiful rolling pin. And what a wonderful mother, to challenge you to make cheese. I grieve for the loss of your music. I've never been attached to photographs, but music. . . .


Thanks for sharing The Good, The Bad and The Goals. Hong Kong should be another "eat everything" destination! Love the food! If you are into Chinese cooking, then you shd really get some white pepper. :) Happy New Year!

Kelly Neil

I have been considering attending the FBC - maybe I'll see you there!


Happy New Year to you too!
Wish your goals to realize soon, and welcome to H.K. again : ).


Wishing you a happy & delicious 2013. look forward to all the goodies you will be making this year!


Love the pics. Esp the first one. Happy New Year!

Natalie @ Once Upon a Cutting Board

I hope my 2013 is as great as your 2012 (minus the bad parts!) - I just upgraded to a DSLR and one of my goals is to go to San Francisco soon! Love your post and all your goals for this year!

cecilia galluccio

Once again admiring your lovely photos and recipes...Thanks for the link to the Royal Icing recipe! Best Wishes, Cecilia G.


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