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Mardi (eat. live. travel. write.)

I LOVE LOVE savoury muffins too (I made a guacamole muffin a couple of years ago to die for!) and these look right up my alley. Also, parchment paper muffin cups? I need some stat!

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

I am just tickled that you posted a savory muffin recipe. These look so yum - and heck yes to more cheese! PS. I LOVE those parchment liners - they sure do work like a dream!


Amanda: They are the very best.. I feel like I've been missing out all those times I had to grease and then wash the baked-on cheese off of muffin tins. Game changer! (maybe a little dramatic for muffin papers.. but washing baked-on cheese off is pretty hard).


What a great savory muffin recipe. I love that there are chunks of ham in these and combined with the cheese, it almost a ham & cheese *sandwich!*


Yum! Wish I had a stash of these in my freezer. Feel free to ship to Saskatoon :)

Stefanie @ Sarcastic Cooking

Oh my God! Stephanie, you are speaking to my soul! I love ham and cheese and I never thought to put it in a muffin!!!


Stefanie: There are no rules anymore for muffins! I swear I saw some buffalo chicken and blue cheese muffins on pinterest.

Polka Girl

I never baked savory muffins and these look delicious!!! I will definately try out your recipe. By the way Stephany it was very nice to meet you at the Bake Sale :)

Jeane M.

Never tried savoury muffins before but this looked really enticing. Love to have this in my table next morning. :D

Isabelle @ Crumb

I tend to be more of a sweet muffin kinda girl, but this recipe might just win me over to the dark... errr... savoury side. I'm just a sucker for anything made with lots of cheese. :)
And OMG, those parchment liners are amazing. I must have some! I sometimes make liners by pressing small squares of parchment into the tin using the bottom of a glass, but it's a bit of a pain, since you have to scoop in the batter very carefully lest it collect between the folds.


I, too, am in love with the parchment paper muffin cups. I grabbed them by accident in the store and didn't realize until I got home. I will never use anything else from now on. I can't wait to make these muffins. They look scrumptious!


Wow, I ran out of Swiss and had to use 1/2 cup cheddar, then screwed up the oven temp, but these STILL came out SO SO SO delicious :D I do wish I had those parchment paper cups though, mine are definitely sticking all over the place. Oh well ^.^

Melissa@eyes bigger

Always more cheese! Mmmmm....


These came out great; I'm not a swiss girl so I used gouda instead and they're just delicious. They do indeed stick like crazy to regular paper muffin cups; I swear I lost like half the muffin to stickage. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find parchment cups yet.

Thanks for the recipe!


Jo: I usually grease the muffin tins really well and skip the papers (before I discovered the parchment paper ones).

In my grocery store they weren't with the muffin papers, they were with the plastic wrap and parchment paper in a different aisle

Allison Day

My gosh these sound so good! I love the idea of keeping a stash of these in the freezer, for when you want a quick hot breakfast. :)

Diana @ Appetite for China

I'm definitely partial towards savory muffins too. Can't wait to try your recipe, since they're virtually impossible to find in a bakery or restaurant!


Hooooly! I made these exactly as written and they were the best savory muffins I've ever made. I didn't bother freezing them because my family ate them up so quickly. Thanks for the recipe!


Did you get the parchment liners at a specialty store, i've never seen them!

Also, I dont like swiss much, what do you think would be a good substitute? cheddar?

these look perfect


Hilary: I've found them at a couple of grocery stores. Sometimes they are by the cupcake papers, but more often they are near the parchment paper and ziplock bags.
You can substitute with any semi-firm cheese you'd like! Cheddar would be a great one.


These were fantastic! I mixed it up a bit & used 1/4c applesauce & 1/4c butter instead of all butter & went with the 1/2tsp of thyme since I love it. They were so delicious that my picky 3yo ate THREE of them! I couldn't find the parchment cups so I just sprayed the tins with the flour spray for cakes & they slid right out. Thanks for the recipe!


Not sure if anyone will read this or not but the muffin cups at Whole Food ... Nothing sticks to them... Nothing... Maybe cause they are parchment paper? No idea. But they are awesome!


Can you reheat after they were frozen? Or serve room temp.


Sylvia: Both! I often just take them out of the freezer and let them thaw on the counter. But if I'm impatient then I'll throw one or two in the microwave until warm

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