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Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

*sigh* Browned butter. One of life's best things. The flavor is just magical. I can completely understand the amount of willpower required to not eat the entire bowl of browned butter cookie dough. Thanks for the gum tip! These cookies look so yummy.


Mmmmmmm I love browned butter in cookies! If you ever need a tester, I'm all yours!


"Nobody wants bits of cookie dough stuck in their gum." Hah hah, amazing. They look lovely!


These look amazing, I can't wait to make them! I love your photography as well. Well done.


Eating an entire plateful of these would definitely not be an accident on my part. They look scrumptious.


Cookie giveaway sadness... I have experienced it many times :(
Cranberries are my latest favourite thing - I put them in everything and they are super awesome in cookies - especially with white chocolate which I otherwise find too sweet. The cranberry tang is the perfect complement. These look YUM!


Looks delicious! I am going to try this recipe this weekend :)

Needful Things

Ah, browned butter. These cookies look so, so delicious. I love the bits of white chocolate pillowed between the cranberries. Am bookmarking this to try later.


your cookies are so lovely and inspiring me to bake more :)

Maggie Muggins

This I can get behind, I even think I have a few white chocolate chips that are begging to be used up. They look like they’re baked to perfection. I tend to do the same with cookies and then I'm left in a state of sadness when I realize there's none left.

Isabelle @ Crumb

Browned butter is my kryptonite. I just can't say no... in fact, I don't think that gum trick would work, because I'd go ahead and eat the cookie dough anyways - gum be damned. (That story about gum staying in your stomach for 7 years isn't true, right?)


It seems like brown butter is the way to go these days, but for some reason I am so skeptical! These cookies look fabulous, and might be the reason I try! Yum!!

Cassie Book

I made these, they are unreal. I ate 4 immediately after baking them and 1 right as soon as I woke up. Brown butter? where have you been all my life!? butter should be browned always. then made into cookies.

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