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These are SO beautiful!! I'm no good at decorating sugar cookies... You make it look easy though, I might try this...


Those cookies look SO gorgeous! Nice work, Stephanie!

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

Absolutely stunning! You do have a rather hefty amount of talent...more than some of us (me) for sure. And if I had anyone in my life who would appreciate a beautiful cookie such as this, I would totally make them! Although perhaps I should just make them for myself...


They look gorgeous! Great work! Can't wait to try it myself!


I just love the look of brushed embroidery cookies. You did a super job with these and the pink and white is so delicate looking.

Stefanie @ Sarcastic Cooking

These cookies are so beautiful!

Melissa@eyes bigger

These cookies are soooo cute. And I don't even like valentines day!

Jeane M.

Wow this is brilliant! I'm really crossing my finger that I ones I'll create will turn out to be beauties like those. :D

Becs @ Lay the table

They're so gorgeous! I can't wait to try this - decorating biscuits is one of my new year's resolutions :)


I used to love making decorative cookies, but with all the piping, filling and drying time, I seem to have lost my patience with it - lol! However you make all that look easy and I love the brush technique you used. If I can find a weekend to myself, it might be worth it to bring out all my tools out of storage again.... :)

Needful Things

I saw these on instagram earlier and thought, how gorgeous! They really are.
Now if I only had the time ...


Beautiful! you are so talented. Can't wait to meet you at #FBC2013.


Wow! These are so so so pretty. Thank you for sharing your technique. Can't wait to try it out.

Cass Lehfeldt

I gave this a try because I wanted to make something impressive for my mom for her birthday. Whenever I want to bake something new, I always check this blog first. Thanks sweety!

Here is the photo of my attempt!


Oh my, these look too beautiful to eat even!!! I may have a go at these for Valentine's day at my daughter's school, its such a cute creative idea, and so much nicer than plain ol' boring inedible cards... though I might have a tough time giving these away ;)

Can I use storebought icing to flood the cookies? I am afraid my decorating skills are non-existent, and I'll need all the help I cna find!!

erin @ yummy supper

Stephanie, I cannot get over how gorgeous your painted cookies are. I know you say it's not hard, but I also am well aware of all the beautiful creations you've had here;) I still think about your embroidery cake. Wow.


So beautifully done! I just made a batch of heart cookies and google brushed embroidery heart cookies and came upon your site! New fan here!! Will try this technique! I too watched the video!!


Such a great job! I love how these cookies look! You and your lustre dust. :)


These are SO pretty!! And I love your photos!


Very pretty love the looks of these cookies and frosting thanks for sharing.

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