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Nice! Curious to see how the waxing turns out. I brought my farmhouse to family this Xmas and they loved it. It's definitely a VERY rewarding cheese! All the best :)


I love this. I've been really wanting to learn how to make cheese since it is one of my favorite things to eat. I'll keep my fingers crossed that in two months you have some wonderful cheese!


So exciting! Thanks for outlining the process. It is so much easier to learn with pictures. And good luck!

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

You are freaking amazing. Like, seriously. I can't wait to hear about the finished product!

Winter Sundays

Oh gosh! Who knew so much went into making cheese? This is so awesome! I will definitely stay tuned for the Big Reveal. :-)

Becs@Lay the table

Hey Steph, it looks amazing. I think I am going to get hold of some rennet and try your mozzarella recipe! Best wishes for the new year :)


That is a nice cheese I love the colour. I am interested to see how the waxing works out as I can't wax a cheese properly to save my life.

A Canadian Foodie

What a gorgeous cheese! It looked very loose after the pressing, but lovely later. The cream coating was interesting. Where did you get that? Just tasted mine on Christmas Eve. It is lovely and mild. The Caerphilly won the flavour profile vote, hands down, but this one is prettier. It was incredible on an omelet, too. But, that felt kind of blasphemous. Using gorgeous homemade cheese on eggs.
Happy 2013 to more cheese making! Cannot wait to see a waxed shot!
Please send me a pic 900pixels. :)

A Canadian Foodie

Hi, Steph!
I see my message didn't get saved or posted or something. I wrote one the day you posted this right after Ian. ODD.
You didn't send an image so I took one from here - however it will be very blurry, I imagine as it is at 900 pixels. I also looked in the folder and there wasn't one there.


Dear Stephanie,

I have nominated your delicious blog for the Super Sweet Blogging Award!
Please pick up your badge and information on how to pass the torch and pay it forward at:

Happy New Year!


Heidi @ Food Doodles

I love these cheese posts! I'm very cheese ignorant, but I don't have the ambition to do anything like this. So glad you're sharing it all :D The cheese curds with the herbs looks beautiful! Can't wait to hear about this when it's totally done!


Stephanie, every time I read your Cheesepalooza adventures I wish I would've kept up with it (although I know it would've been impossible due to time constraints these past four months). Your cheddar looks absolutely amazing and I bet it will be delicious after it has aged. Can't wait to see the final product and what you'll do next!

Kelly Neil

We ordered some rennet online before Christmas but have yet to use it. Your cheddar looks awesome!! And how fun to make it with you mum! If I told my mum I was making cheese she would just laugh and shake her head ;)

christine @

Another beauty! I am with you on the complications of "slowly" heating something that is nearly at that temperature already! This time, I opted to make the cheese in my slow cooker. Unfortunately, I could only fit a half batch in the pot but it seems to be on track to be a reasonable farmhouse cheddar. Can't wait for your round two on this one!


Well done, this post was selected as one of the favourites for the December Challenge


I love cheese making and i make some good cheeses too. i just wonder if the home made chadder in this artical is actually a montery jack... as chadder , (as known by the name ) needs some chadering before going into press.At the same time i do realize that montery jack is a chadder cheese family member too....

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