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Mardi (eat. live. travel. write)

These are SO pretty Stephanie! Your article was stunning!

Mary at n00bcakes

Ooo, these look minty and delightful! Because I am a lazy baker I may be inclined to skip the cookies and go for straight-up peppermint patties, but I love these as a great gift or party idea. :) When it comes to dipping in chocolate, though, how do you handle melting issues after freezing? Do you just assume they'll all get eaten before they start defrosting? :D


Mary: They actually stay really solid at room temp! I was able to package them up nicely and give them away no problem. The reason I suggest storing them in the freezer (beyond trying to hide them from yourself) is to prevent the chocolate from blooming (getting those light brown marks). Chocolate chips from the grocery store aren't always fresh and if you use a batch that has 'bloomed' then your patties might get light brown marks on them after 5 days or so. Keeping them in the freezer prevents that.

jaime @ sweet road

Aw, these look like cookies my grandma used to always get around the winter holidays. The flavors are so festive! I should try and make some for her... she loves the color pink so I'm sure that will add a nice personal touch as well.

Diana @ Appetite for China

I love how festive your cookies look! Bookmarking your cinnamon shortbread to try!

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

A chocolate and mint lover's dream! And I am most definitely and chocolate + mint lover. They're so pretty too! I'm definitely going to give these a try this year.


Christmas cookie emergencies. Yes. One always needs to be prepared.
But I have a horrible horrible weakness for anything peppermint and chocolate. And I really don't need to be eating any cookies. Sigh... the dangers of food blogging! They all look amazing!


Mint awesomeness! Pink peppermint is a nice touch. These would be the first ones I'd grab up if i saw them on a table with ten other plates of treats. Of course all your cookies look divine. I've yet to try cinnamon shortbread...must correct that!


I Had some trouble getting the wafer dough to stick together. I ended up adding quite a bit more watermto get it to work but I don't think that was the answer. I'd love to see a video of you amking the dough so I could make sure I know what it should really llok like.

They taste amazing anyway but they don't look as pretty as yours!

Lisa @ The Gonzo Gourmet

I would happily eat the ugly cookies - these look fantastic. I need to adapt the chocolate wafer recipe for gluten-free - we make a holiday dessert in my family that we call cookie-lert, which is basically chocolate wafers smothered in peppermint cream, left to soak overnight. If anything would tempt me back to gluten, it's that dessert.


Hi Stephanie, I'm from Australia and was just wondering what the difference in cocoa % was between your semisweet and dark chocolate? We only have dark chocolate here but it generally starts from 45% and goes up from there.

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