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where can I find MacLarens cheese?

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

Oh goodness, these look divine. I have never tried making savory shortbread, but I think I need to change that. I love your idea of rolling the dough out in a Ziploc bag and then chilling it - so easy! Where did you buy the cheddar? Just at an average grocery store?


These look delicious, and I love your method of rolling out the dough in a bag. I usually hate messing with this type of dough because it can get so sticky. Definitely on my 'to try' list. Thanks for sharing!


These look so good! Definitely a different shortbread for the holiday season. I don't think I've ever seen a cheddar cheese quite like that one either!


We love MacLaren's cheese. This shortbread of yours looks wonderful!


It's always good to balance the sweet with the savoury - these look like the hit of the party.


That is an amazingly beautiful rolling pin, where did you get it?

A Canadian Foodie

This is my kind of recipe! Did you like them better with the Parmesan or with out? Inquiring minds want to know! Seriously!


Ok I live in Massachusetts I cant seem to find this cheese any help?! Or is there something that may be similar?

Stefanie @ Sarcastic Cooking

Amazing! I love this. I want them right now with some great meats and cheeses, and wine.


Yum and Yum. I love the use of the plastic bag. Thanks. :)


These look incredible!


Looks delicious! I wonder, could you try another spreadable cheese like a Boursin?


Your rolling tip is freaking genius... thank you! I avoid rolling stuff because I'm so lame at it and make a disastrous mess. Love the Maclarens cheese. I can totally see how it would be perfect for these (plus, they would never ever leave my house. I think it's pretty amazing you even think about giving them away!)

natalie gomes

Looks so good! Not sure I can find that exact cheese though.

Needful Things

I've never tried savory shortbread. I love your rolling pin! It's so pretty. I roll out my shortbread in a ziploc bag too - just makes life so much easier. I know you recommend mclarens cheese but I am pretty sure I can't find it where I'm located. I'm going to give these a go with whatever else I can find.

Kelly Neil

1. Am totally making these this weekend.
2. I have rolling pin envy.
3. Your tip about rolling the dough in the ziploc bag and then freezing is a game changer.
4. Yum.


I think you are a Calgarian, too? If you are, where did you find the cheese? Wanna make this for bf's Valentines since he hates sweets hehe
Thanks :D


I didn't have time to get to a grocery store, so I used cream cheese in replacement of the imperial cheddar and then added half a cup of cheddar in with the chives. They were absolutely fabulous, they got devoured. Thank you for the fantastic recipe.

Laurie C.

I live in MA. Couldn't find your MacLaren's Imperial cheese, but I was able to find a similar product in the 'better' cheese case at my local grocery store called Presidential (Sharp Cheddar in a tub)- it's soft and spreadable. The texture of my crackers were a bit doughy, though. I would try the recipe again, but would add some grated cheddar or even finely grated parmesan to the mixture.
The 'rolling out in a bag' really helped!!

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