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please come over for tea and bring these. thank you in advance.

Mary at n00bcakes

Oh, these look lovely!! This might be the first true stab at scones I make; they really do look moist and flaky instead of dry and crumbly. Plus yes - it's pumpkin time!


I don't have 1/2 and 1/2 in the fridge but I do have buttermilk. Do you think buttermilk pumpkin scones would be tasty, or gross? I used it to make lemon ginger scones last weekend and they came out good, but they're such a lighter flavor...


Those scones look so good! I love the idea of cinnamon butter. NOw all I need is one of these and a pot of coffee. :)

Allison Day

I can totally relate to your goal of eating as many pumpkin-flavored things as possible right now... I can't get enough! (Though I'm sure by the end of the season I'll be totally sick of pumpkin.) These sound crazy good though, especially that cinnamon butter (my parents made cinnamon toast when I was little too... so good!)


These are delicious! I saw your recipe in the Globe and Mail last month and cut it out to try. I finally got around to roasting pumpkin yesterday and making these scones today. I just had to say thank you so much for sharing this recipe! I was truly shocked at how quick and easy they were to make and was happy that they tasted as delicious as I'd hoped!
Enjoy the last bits of fall!
ps: pumpkin chocolate chip muffins were also in the oven this morning if you're looking for more pumpkin things to make, the combo was pretty good :)


These look absolutley fantastic and cinnamon butter is simply brilliant! Can't wait to try! Thank you!

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

Yay for pumpkin! I too am trying to maximize my pumpkin usage. I haven't tried scones yet though...thanks for the new idea! And that cinnamon butter? Total staple in my childhood breakfasts.


Oh yeah, everything is so autumn-ish about this - the scones and the butter! too good!

Jessica @ bake me away!

These are lovely, especially with the cinnamon butter! I think I want to OD on pumpkin, so I should probably make these.


They look splendid. And your Feta adventure was also a great read.

Julie Bulie

These are divine! I love the way that the folding of the dough makes it so flaky and delicious. Why didn't I know that already??

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