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jaime @ sweet road

I can't even imagine how perfect the eggnog must be in this recipe. It's such a thick, creamy drink that it must make for an amazing muffin!

Mary at n00bcakes

These sound wonderful! While I'm more of a savory-breakfast person, my family tends to make cinnamony muffins and cakes for breakfast on special occasions, so I totally understand. :) Also, traditions - to me - are what make holidays like Christmas the best.

Thanks for sharing your mom's super-secret recipe! :D

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

I just love Christmas traditions! These muffins look amazing. I made cranberry egg nog scones last year and loved them too! Can't wait to bust out the cranberry and egg nog recipes!

Becs @ Lay the table

For the past few years I haven't been at home so it's hard to try to keep traditions going strong, especially when the in-laws have their own ones! The muffins look so Christmassy - I've never thought to put eggnog IN THINGS. Defo going to add this to the Christmas bake list!


These look great! Muffin Mania was my first cookbook! I still have my old copy, it's a brown spiral bound one. thanks for making me wax nostalgic.


How wonderful that you did get a copy of this book for $17.00! I'd love to wake up Christmas morning to the aroma of these baking in the oven.

Stefanie @ Sarcastic Cooking

Ok so I am in charge of Christmas breakfast and in addition to cinnamon rolls I am making these!!!! So festive!

erin @ yummy supper

Stephanie, I love everything about this. "Muffin Mania" has me cracking up at the title. And those cranberry beauties look amazing. I can see why they are part of your tradition!


I think eggnog muffins may be the best combination I've ever heard. Hmm, eggnog cupcakes?


Yes, your muffins look awesome and festive, but I bet they are good to enjoy at all times.

Jessica @ bake me away!

They're lovely! I sadly haven't been able to like eggnog, but think it would be tasty in this situation, especially with the tart cranberries.

Maggie Muggins

I’ve been on a total cranberry kick lately, found some in the freezer and have been putting them in everything I can think of ever since. These sound awesome, I’m gonna try a batch with some soynog or something.

Heidi @ Food Doodles

Mmm, I just love the idea of egg nog in muffins! And fresh cranberries are already one of my favorite additions to muffins so these sound wonderful to me!


I love your post! My Mom also owns the Muffin Mania book and she bakes tons of muffins from it. YEARS ago she photocopied the book for me to have own copy. A year ago or so she found me a 2nd hand copy of my own. Anyway, I can't wait to try your recipe and my tip to you is to make the orange-date muffins. My Mom uses raisins instead of dates and they are so moist and yummy. My Mom and I have even baked muffins together on my blog!


Making this right now. The mix is very thick and dense. Sound right?


Ashley: The mixture is quite thick, it needs to be spooned into the muffin tins


Is the cranberry, s 2 cups measured and then chopped or 2 cups of chopped cranberries


Making these now! Test batches for the holidays as gifts.... They look good.

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