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This looks divine! I want to make it like now but I have to go to work so it'll have to wait...


I've never made a poke cake! I love that you went the home-made route with this one. It looks heavenly.


I have one question... all the tests you do on these yummy G&M recipes... who #eatsallthefoods??? My goodness I would weigh 1000lbs with it all around me. Or do you get tired of it after a few tastes and just take a bite or two. Or do you have very hungry teenagers living next door? I'm very curious!

Mary at n00bcakes

You just blew my mind! I don't think I've ever heard of "poke cake" before - this one looks absolutely divine! Gotta love those basic requirements: "be delicious". ^_^

Becs@Lay the table

There's definitely one particular blogger who I can think of that always makes poke cake with box mix. Yours looks incredible - condensed milk is just amazing, I eat that stuff by the spoonful!


Melissa: I give a lot of it away to two engineering companies (I don't really have co-workers so I can't bring it to my work) and the rest either gets frozen or brought to anyone's house that I'm visiting. The not-so-good batches often get tossed.

Jessica @ bake me away!

Yum!! I love seeing you work through your recipes on instagram. :) Was going to say that I think the only poke cake I've made was tres leches, and then got to the end of your post. Also, bourbon: <3


Wow! That sounds much easier than it looks! Seriously considering making this now.


Love chocolate. Love bourbon. So, this is heading straight to the top of my to-make/to-eat list.


I'm sold that it needs no icing. Thanks for sharing your winning formula, and I adore your less sweet version.

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

This cake looks insane. As in, I'm going to go insane due to the fact that there isn't actually a piece of this cake in front of me to enjoy. *sigh*


Oh, wow.

I am a bit of a budding bourbdon aficionado, as is my partner, whose birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks...


Lord have mercy this looks good.

erin @ yummy supper

Stephanie I'm drooling over your cake! This is the first time I've ever heard of poke poke cake. So cute - and tasty;)

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