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christine @ wannafoodie

Love it! I couldn't agree more... when the 60-minute version is that good, why fight it? I love your comparisons and the marinated leftovers. I have so many jars of marinated and brined cheese in my fridge that it is almost laughable.


Fabulous! I love what you did with the *extra* cheese.
How much cheese by weight did you get from each batch? Do you know? Just curious.

A Canadian Foodie

What a fabulous stretch! I need someone around to talk photos when I am making cheese! Whoo-hoo! I don't think I ever got a stretch like that!! Congratulations! And I love tastings and experimenting. With cheese, though - it is so hard when just a novice. I could do everything exactly the same way with the same milk and get different results. Stop laughing.

Jessica @ bake me away!

These cheeses keep getting more cool! Stretching mozzarella seems like it would be one of the more enjoyable things in life. Love the apron, by the way!


My wife and I love mozzarella cheese. We are looking into making our own cheese and will definitely follow this recipe. Thanks for sharing!

Heidi @ Food Doodles

This is awesome! I love all your pictures! I've been wanting to try doing this myself so I'm going to bookmark this post for when I do actually give it a try :)


I am so impressed with your cheese making abilities! And I love that you and your mom are working together on the project. I'm sure it was fun to play with the cheese - all that stretching and kneading. Nice job!

Becs@Lay the table

I really want to start making cheese now - every time I read your blog there's some new cheese I never knew I could make at home!


You make this look so easy! Haha. I have never even attempted to make any type of cheese, but this seems like it may be a good place to start. This looks delicious, and I love what you did with the leftover cheese! Where do you purchase your cheese making supplies?


I am loving your cheese making posts. Very fun to follow along. Mozerella has been one of my faves since I was a little kid - and I love your idea of marinating in oil with garlic and basil. mmmm... delish!

A Canadian Foodie

Sorry I missed you in the round up Stephanie! I knew you had finished the challenge - but when it is write up time, just had time to go with what was in my folder. Thank you for the e-mail! So glad you are doing well and the moving in is a remodel in progress! We are amidst painting right now. Chaotic this time of year, for sure!

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