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Samantha 'duhmplin' Wagner

Yum! And genius move with the freezer bag.


Plum and rosemary tart sounds heavenly and the idea of using the rest of the dough for these little cookies is genius.

Stefanie @ Sarcastic Cooking

Oooo such a fancy yet simple cookie! And that freezer bag move is life changing!


I love the idea of rosemary in a tart crust! Definitely the right move to bring it over to cookietown.


Those look so simply yummy.
I've made a similar cookie a couple times recently when I saw this recipe pop up on SE:

Thanks for sharing your version.

Mary at n00bcakes

EVERY TIME I make shortbread I am always underwhelmed and even more hesitant to try another recipe. Perhaps this one...? I really like your trick of rolling it in a gallon ziplock, by the way! How tricksy!


I heart your food styling! You're pretty much ready for the food phography big time now! (I imagine this would be a lot of swirling around uptown New York with a camera around your neck and a cookie in your hand).

jaime alcaraz montreal

My god, this discussion has me positively DROOLING!!! Especially the shortbread....yuuuummm....also has a hint of nostalgia as thoughts of that taste remind me of my grandmother...some great ideas here, thanks!! jaime alcaraz montreal


The shortbread sounds wonderful and that tart is amazing. Love your pastry rolling trick!

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

Your Instagram photo of these cookies has been haunting me...until now! They look wonderful! And that trick of rolling the dough out in the freezer bag? Genius!

Mardi (eat. live. travel. write)

What a GREAT idea! I made some similar shortbreads this summer (with seaweed) and at the time wondered about rosemary. Now, I wonder no more!


What tasty little morsels of buttery delight! A touch of rosemary is a spirited addition to your splendid cookie.


I LOVE rosemary shortbread. But a plum tart made with it?! That sounds insanely good! So going on my must-make list!


Oh I LOVE your rolling pin. It is adorable! Where did you find such a cute utensil? I have not tried rosmary in my cookies but it is on my list.

Slovak Roots

I absolutely adore your rolling pin!!!!

erin @ yummy supper

Okay Stephanie, I'm drooling over here. Rosemary shortbread is one of my favorites and with that plummy tart - dangerously good.
Have a good week,

A Canadian Foodie

Absolutely GORGEOUS! Great tips! Tart looks like heaven. I have been a fan of shortbread when I first tasted it on the knee of my mom!


These look delicious. I love rosemary!


Yes, please do tell, where did you get that rolling pin? And rosemary is one of my favorite sweet and savory herbs.


omg i love your idea of the freezer bag for rolling (and your rolling pin is so pretty!). That's genius. I think the cookies will be amazing with the goat cheese. So good. mmmm...


The aroma of rosemary and butter in these cookies while baking and while being enjoyed...IRRESISTIBLE!


I just tried these and my dough doesn't seem to be sturdy to cut... Even after 15-20 mins in the freezer it crumbled when I tried to remove from the Baggie to slice :( any suggestions?


Krissy: Here's a few tips that should make it easier:
1. start with really really soft butter, that way it will coat all of the flour evenly.
2. mix the dough until it comes together completely. Its easy to worry too much about over-mixing that the dough gets under mixed and crumbly
3. Freeze it until completely solid
4. Sometimes I just cut the freezer bag down the middle and remove the bag instead of pulling the dough out from inside it.

Hope that helps!

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