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Oh wow!! I would love to have a cocktail on a stick.

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

I have that same popsicle mold - works like a charm! Love the pretty colors of these, and the boozy addition!

Jessica @ bake me away!

So pretty! I initially thought this was going to be a cereal milk creation. Maybe a little bit of almond extract could amp up the cherry flavor?

Mary at n00bcakes

How fun! You know, every time I see a popsicle mold in a store I always get really close to buying it but never actually do. I think it's because overall I'd rather have a cupcake or ice cream than a popsicle. But maybe a poptail would be better! ^_^


So pretty. Would love to try these next time we have friends over for Survivor night!


They are very pretty but 1 1/4 cups of vodka divided between ten popsicles were certainly make for a strong adult frozen treat for sure! That books looks very interesting!

A Canadian Foodie

I really appreciate your review. When I got the book in the mail and read it - I decided not to do it. Doesn't cooking take out the alcohol? Yet, you followed the instructions and found the poptails strong. That is good news for those that need a little buzz on a hot afternoon. Yours are gorgeous. I just thought it was a lot of effort and assumed I would waste good alcohol trying to make them! Silly me and Smart you! So they taste strong, but do they really have a "kick"? Still curious. (wicked grin)


Val, the boiling does cook some, but not all of the alcohol off. According to this chart dishes simmered for 15 minutes still have 40% of the original alcohol content and this vodka was only boiled for two minutes.

Plus each pop has just under an ounce each so they still have a bit of a kick.


Haha, Stephanie, great minds in more ways than one. Amazon is where I got the exact same popsicle moulds :) I am loving the colours of these guys, and I guess I have to make them next time.


Totally adore the pastel colors of this looks very therapeutic. :) Weird word to describe popsicle but it is!


I like your choice of yogurts and their color combination, though have yet to try them if I'd get 'drunk' : ).

erin @ yummy supper

Stephanie, fun boozy popsicles - awesome!

I'm a fan of the boozy sno cone, but never have I tried a cocktail popsicle. Inspired.



Soooo, you can eat them for breakfast right?!


Where did you get those popsicle molds? They're so photogenic!


Sarah: From!

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