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It looks like what you got was more like yogurt (just meso culture+milk will give a type of yogurt) since you probably had less than the necessary amount of rennet.

I remember getting this outcome once with Val but the cheese is still delicious - and your pics are awesome.

Mardi (eat. live. travel. write.)

This looks amazing - what a delicious mistake!

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

What a beautiful mistake! That piece of toast is making my mouth water!


I was actually thinking about you this morning while I was making a galette that called for goat cheese and wondering how you'd got on with your chevre. Sometimes mistakes turn into happy accidents and it looks like this was a good one. Will look forward to your "successful" chevre post soon!


Oh man, what a lucky mistake! I can't say I'd mind an accidental bounty of goat cheese falling into my lap. :) Eager to hear about your next attempt!


I have taken a cheese making class, but have not tried any of the recipes at home! Your creamy goat cheese is just the inspiration to motivate me to give it a try! Your "mistake" is scrumptious!


Hmm... looks creamy enough, isn't it a pleasant surprise as well?


This is such a great idea, to make cheese every month. Very brave too, I'm terrified of trying. But you're ricotta post makes me feel like I could do it...

christine @ wannafoodie

I found this to be a tough one too... I used the Aroma B and rennet in my first attempt and lacked the patience to recover it. My second attempt with buttermilk was a bit more confidence inspiring, so I hope to try the Karlin method in the future. Good luck with the next challenge!


I agree, this *failed* batch was too good not to deserve it's own post and I'm glad you posted it.
Still in awe of you and your Mom's dedication to this project.


So cool you are making cheese! Your "mistake" looks brilliant. Can't wait to see the rest of your cheese-making adventures!


the creamy batch look really delicious to me!

hena tayeb

Mmmm that looks so good and that little green bowl is so cute.

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