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Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

I am so impressed by your cheese-making! I considered playing along with Cheesepalooza, but was intimidated by it all. However, it looks to be totally worth the effort!


Hooray for homemade cheese! That marinated goat cheese looks particularly exciting.

Mary at n00bcakes

This looks amazing!! Do you think this chevre is appropriate for a beginner like myself to attempt? It seems to me it'd make lovely Christmas presents for other people (or, alternatively, my stomach). My dad and I made a very simple ricotta last year and it was fun, but not particularly complex.

Think a noob like me could handle it? Do you have any recommendations for people just learning?


I'm a noob at this too so the goat cheese should be do-able for you! You just have to find somewhere that sells the different cultures. You can usually find it on the internet.
I'd really suggest getting the cheese making book just because she has so many tips and there's lots of good info.

The book -->

christine @ wannafoodie

Yay, success! I made a dried cherry (and thyme) chevre as well and it was such a hit. I don't know if I'll ever buy chevre again or maybe I'll just tone down the purchasing and amp up the making because this cheese has been such a hit and requires such little effort. Can't wait, as always, to see your next creations!

erin @ yummy supper

Chevre soaked in olive oil is my idea of heaven. In Australia, it was sold at most grocery stores and I couldn't get enough. I never even thought to do it myself and here you are inspiring me!
And your chevre with cherries sounds amazing too.
Hungry over here;)

Allison Day

I'm seriously impressed by this, in part, I think, because the one and only time I've tried making cheese at home, it was a miserable failure! But that chevre in olive oil looks so good (and sounds like a perfect gift to have on hand for the holiday season), so maybe now's a good time for me to try again. ^_^


I go through so much goat cheese, making my own sounds amazing! I might need to start with something a little simpler, but this is the holy grail.


You can use plain old buttermilk and a teensy bit of liquid rennet to make perfectly delicious chèvre. No special culture required!

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