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What a tricky way of getting me to read this post and share your Globe & Mail columns! ALL OF IT looks delish - nice work!

Melissa@eyes bigger

Haha... Aren't you sneaky! Lucky for you these all look fabulous. I gotta make me some of them apple cheddar muffins. Especially now apple season is here!

Mardi (eat. live. travel. write)

Haha! I have most of these clipped and in my "to try" file! Nice one!


Haha, love the baking list, you definitely tricked me! :) I enjoy reading them online too, the website is the WORST for them.

Love your photo of the s'more cookies. I always have trouble stacking cookies for my pictures, but yours turned out fabulous and you can still tell what's in the cookies.

Mary at n00bcakes

FABULOUS. I've been on a bit of a cookie-kick recently; I'm really excited to try some of these recipes out - especially the dulce de leche flavor with shortbread. Traditionally I can't get shortbread right...this is my chance! ^_^

Stefanie @ Sarcastic Cooking

Ugh, I know what you mean about those lists! Some times I spend most of the time looking for this said list and then find it in small letters hidden in the sidebar! Stupid catchy titles! This list however, is waaaaay worth my time and drool!


Loved this and the tantalizing photos that made me link over to your column! Do write a *Top Five Favs and Least Five Favs Post at some point ;)

A Canadian Foodie

I was sucked in and enjoyed every word and photo!


Wow, everything looks so good, but I'm stuck on the s'mores cookies. Yum. I didn't get any campfire action this summer. Will need to make these.


It does work like that with those titles, doesn't it? You had me reading this one, that's for sure, so it worked! Love the look of all of these by the way!


nice! cute alfajores.


I too am totally sucked in by "top 5" posts - I might write one like "top 5 things I keep saying I will do on my blog" or "top 5 things I just can't bake"! Seriously though, they all look incredible, especially the alfajores!

Liz W (EmmaEats)

You caught my attention, and it was worth it! Oh my - those alfajores.

Russell van Kraayenburg

Haha I love this post. It all looks so yummy. But I guess I'll never see these recipes.

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