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Squeeeee! I am so excited to read about your cheese adventures!

A Canadian Foodie

What a great read! I am so glad that you had the same experience as I did with regard to the homemade version being so much better than anything tasted prior. Now you know why I have made so many batches! I have heard from Ian that the longer you take to heat your milk, the better your cheese will be. I have always been as slow or slower than the recipes, but as we used the same milk, it is odd mine was so different than yours. Thrilled you liked it. What a fun mother and daughter activity - especially later. I love it when Addie and I made cheese together as it is so much more fun that by myself - and it helps to "think out loud" and have someone to talk to when stirring for 40 minutes!!
So excited you are participating in Cheesepalooza with all of us!


This looks amazing, your photos are beautiful! I find it quite difficult to photograph cheese, I think I'm running out of styling ideas and having seen your photos I definitely think I need to get more creative. Thanks for the inspiration!

Mary at n00bcakes

How cool! I haven't heard of this "Cheesapalooza"; I'm looking forward to your monthly posts of new cheesiness. I've actually made ricotta once before but my product wasn't nearly as pretty as yours. Sounds delicious!


Making cheese at home could be addictive as the experience is always exciting.


Yum! Ricotta is my favourite. I like to eat it on toast with honey! Or with berries! Let's make cheese ALL THE TIME.


Hooray for home cheesemaking! I definitely want to hop on this delicious bandwagon. :)


Great idea with the big bucket! I couldn't think of where to strain mine-next time, right?! I am doing cheesepalooza with my mom, also, and it is so fun!

Stefanie @ Sarcastic Cooking

Wow! You make it look so easy! I can't wait to try this! I have been wanting to do this for a while!


It's very similar to making paneer (Indian cottage cheese ) Love the first photo .. gorgeous!


you should call this recipe Blogger's Ricotta for the "real" ricotta is made from the whey left after making mozzarella hence the name ricotta means cooked again / curdling milk with lemon or citric acid is the way paneer (Indian cheese) is made / this recipe has been making the blogger rounds for the last few years / call it paneer or curds and whey but not ricotta / buon appetito


eileen: You should join us! It's going to be a lot of fun!

Katherin: Yes whole milk ricotta isn't the same as whey ricotta, that's mentioned in the book we're working out of. It is different than paneer however.

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

I wish I'd gotten my act together soon enough to join you for this challenge! The ricotta looks so lovely!


I think it is a wonderful challenge that you and your Mom are undertaking. You certainly look like you are off to a fabulous start with this home-made ricotta! Very impressive:)


The ricotta looks so yummy!

Lisa @ The Gonzo Gourmet

Love that you're making cheese at home! And yet another great use for those amazing Home Depot buckets.


It's awesome that your mom will be joining you for this adventure! My mom lives far away but she regularly emails me about the status of my ripening bleu cheese in the fridge :P

Your use of ricotta over hot pasta seems sooo good! I believe Deb made ricotta ravioli.


so true...homemade is so so so much better. i was never a ricotta fan until i made my own. i used goat milk, heavy cream and good i made it 3 times in one month. hey, you should try making some goat cheese next. it's pretty easy with the right cultures and equally as rewarding as the ricotta. anyway...thanks for the great post.

erin @ yummy supper

Stephanie, Love your cheese-making action! That photo of the home depot bucket cracked me up and the shot with ricotta and the cheese cloth was so elegant. A full experience;)

Jessica @ bake me away!

It's like a jar of clouds! I made ricotta once pre-blog days, but in a less high-tech (orange bucket) way. It really is so much better! Interested to see what cheese is next.

christine @ wannafoodie

What a great post... and your photos are just fantastic. I'm so looking forward to this year of cheesemaking... albeit a bit daunting at this stage. Maybe we can coordinate a Calgary tasting party!?


I watched some of the blogger used yogurt instead of cream into the ricotta cheese making because in certain country like Malaysia, its very hard to find cream. The result is almost the same.

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