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Too many ice cream recipes, too little time to make them all. D'oh!


Oh man, I totally feel your pain. I almost cut my finger off about 12 weeks ago, and my husband trying to put my hair in a ponytail cracked me up every time.

Peach blueberry cobbler is my go-to summer dessert, and by far one of my favorites, so I'll definitely be making this soon!!


You've been driving me crazy all summer with such luscious ice cream recipes! Crazy! And this is no exception. Nicely done. Happy to hear you are on the mend - I once cut my middle finger right hand (I'm right handed) so badly it needed 8 stitches and a huge gauzy wrappy thing (day before brother's wedding no less) and it left me feeling helpless, so I can't imagine what a broken bone would do to me. I'll try to avoid that in the future as well.


What a team! And you've nicely teamed up the peaches and blueberries here.
Take care!


Awww I love this so much! That was such a fun day.

I also can't stop laughing at the 'mmm fruit in my ice cream maker' caption! Hehehehe


SO glad you are on the mend - I missed that you injured yourself in my "on again off again" online prescence these past few weeks. And this ice-cream? Divine. But it's the cobbler I am waiting to see tomorrow! #impatient


Oh my word! This is gorgeous!! Looks so very tasty!


I'm sorry to hear about your broken collar bone and hope that you are healing well. I'm sure that injury really put a damper on your summer but I'm glad that you had so much help to get you through it.
This cobbler ice cream recipe sounds divine. Good idea on blanching and peeling peaches and that blueberry syrup, mmm mmm!

A Canadian Foodie

How did you ever break it? I have had a broken collarbone - years ago. I was run over by a car... many other bones broken, too - but that one was very debilitating. I understand. I thought I had broken my back, at first as I could not move my arm at all. It was my right one, and I am right handed. They must break according to handedness. :)
GORGEOUS recipe.


Divine as always!

So sorry to hear about your poor collarbone. I can't even imagine..but I hope you're not in too much pain (and that they're giving you some sweet drugs)
The bright side is that everybody gets to show you how much they care :)

Heidi @ Food Doodles

Wow, this looks fantastic. I love cobblers, but in ice cream form? That sounds awesome! Hope your collarbone is feeling better!


Everything looks so pretty and delectable!


Beautiful. There is nothing like seasonal fruit to make icecream even better. I'm sorry about your collarbone though. I broke my elbow last year, so I know the pain!

erin @ yummy supper

Stephanie, I'm so sorry to hear about your collarbone - poor thing. Though I am impressed by your helpers and your ability to turn out such yummy ice cream even while wounded:)
Sending you well wishes,

Lisa @ The Gonzo Gourmet

I'm so sorry to hear you broke your collar bone - yikes! Glad you're feeling better and thanks for sharing this ice cream, it looks divine.


Wow! Amazing. Gotta luv David Lebovitz.
Sorry about your collarbone. That must be awful. Get better.


I had a dream last night that I ordered a gigantic triple-scoop ice cream cone and it had lovely berries in it. I woke up sad, because I did not have my ice cream. This looks like what I want!

A Canadian Foodie

What a gorgeous, detailed, creative and quietly artistic post. Soothing and inspiring all at once! Brilliant idea! YUM!

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