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I need to try it asap. This looks dee-licious! emm emmm!


I am a die-hard Nutella fan. I would love to try this recipe. I am sure my ice cream wouldn't mind rendering overtime especially this summer =)Looks yummy!
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Stella Cooks

Oh, WOW. Now I need to buy a sorbet maker. This looks amazing!

Did you think of this yourself because you love Nutella (as I do!), or did you encounter Nutella-flavored gelato somewhere? It's too brilliant!


That gelato sounds fabulous! I never make gelato at home--but this may finally inspire me to clear out enough room in my freezer for the ice cream maker bowl. :)


Pinning it. Love any kind of ice cream and I love nutella!


I'm glad you did get a few photos of this before it was all gone. Easy to see why it would not last though, looks wonderful.


We have an ice cream machine as well and my wife has been making different kinds of ice cream. We both love nutella so I will show her this recipe. Looks yummy.


Dreamy stuff! If I had an ice cream maker in the house it would be super dangerous, but this gelato makes me reconsider my decision :)

Russell van Kraayenburg

Yes please! This looks very, very yummy!

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A Canadian Foodie

Too bad the comments are closed on the Toasted Marshmallow Ice Cream recipe. OMGosh - is that a killer post, or what? Cuisanart should be paying you more than the giveaway to write a post like that. WOWSERS! That is one incredible looking ice cream. My husband would love this one, too.


Who could resist Nutella? And who could resist gelato made from Nutella? :P


Just made the Nutella Gelato. It is divine.

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